QLD - National Gathering 2018 Kilcowera Station

Arranged By: Sir Kev
Start Date: 01 Oct 2018
End Date: 05 Oct 2018
Updated: 05 Dec 2017
Attendance: 42


After great success at the National Gatherings at St George, Trilby Station, and Ross River, I am keen to run another National Gathering, this time in South West Queensland.
I have been in discussions with Toni at Kilcowera Station (also a Business Member) and they are keen to allow us to base the National Gathering there.
Link to Kilcowera Station Business Member Listing
Some details from Toni -
"we have a large campground where we could put 30 or so vehicles maybe more. Also camping alongside the lagoon another 30 or so. Plenty of room. We also have accommodation for 17.”
Having now negotiated a cost for the camping fee's, they are as follows -
$25 per vehicle per night for camping, this is regardless of whether there is 1 or 6 in the car and includes use of the Shearers Quarters amenities.
Limited powered sites are available for a further $5 per night per vehicle.
Guests are able to plug in their phones, cameras etc and charge them up at the Shearers quarters at no charge.
The accommodation is $45 per person per night.
Again there will be a catered dinner for attendee's on the Wednesday night, please indicate if you wish to attend at time of booking in with Toni, not just on this page - 3 courses for $35 and under 12’s $25 per head.
They have a large outdoor area where we set up our tables and chairs for dinners. This same area is near to the fire pit and has lighting for evening activities.
Again as per previous Gathering please bring a raffle prize to be used in the daily raffles, money raised will be given to a charity.
More info to come as I get it.

Registration & Attendance (42)

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ID ScreenName No. Names Comments
M2537 Sir Kev 4 Kev, Sam, Ash, Peta Will Be There
M8257 Member - milowise 4 Mike, Lorraine, Hank, Milo We most certainly will attempt to be there
M1795 Member - Nick & Jane C (QLD) 2 Nick Causebrook, Jane Causebrook In the words of Dale Kerrigan " You little ripper" See you there Sir Kev
M12457 Member - cruza25 3 mike , Steph ,micaela Will definitely look at this, only year 12 exams to work around.
M7284 Member Andys Adventures 1 Andrew Asmus Should make this one. Thanks Kev
M5685 Member - peter & dawn m (QLD) 1 Peter & Dawn Marsh hope to be there kev have been there before lots of history, great, place. can i bring my chain saw ???!! peter
M10018 Member - Garry D5 1 Garry De Silva Wouldn't miss it . Thanks sir kev for doing it again.
M2 ExplorOz Team - Michelle 1 David & Shel Hoping that David and I can get away for the week and join you all. Not likely to bring the kids, as eldest will be sitting Year 12 exams. Anyway, let's just put it out there that we're a tentative yes.
M3295 DBN05 (tas) 2 Stewart Lear, Roz Bayley am just about to book ferry for late may 2018 so we will do our best to be there.
M8775 Member - Brian B6 2 Brian Beauchamp, Margaret Bennett Was at Trilby and would like to attend Kilcowera assuming all the pennies drop into the right place
M7736 Member - Richard J 2 Richard Exten, Marcia Exten Look forward to meeting the group. All being well will be starters.
M4792 Member - Michael P (QLD) 1 Michael Pressey Wouldn't miss it.
M9815 Member - pianoman48 2 Kerry Cooper, Jenny Cooper We will do our best to be there.
M7433 Member - KenD 2 Ken Drechsler,Pat Drechsler Looks good. Will try and line up the stars.
M6246 Member - The King 2 Trevor King, Marg King It'll take hell and high water to keep us away. Thanks for putting the old hand up AGAIN !!! Kev.
M7958 Idler Chris 1 Chris Smith I was at KIlcowera Station a few weeks backs, great place. Plan to be there, but Queensland is far from my favorite State with its stupid parks booking system for us nomads.
M4410 Member-Heather MG NSW 3 Heather Glyde, maybe by myself or with my friend Keith, or grandchildren Oliver and Lucy Possible attendee at this time....Would love to attend, but not sure whether I will be alone or bring a friend...or maybe my 2 grandchildren aged 11 and 9 by then. John and I so enjoyed the last gathering at Trilby and I would love to catch up with members again..
M8940 Member - Bruce F 1 Bruce & Jenni Fewtrell Sounds great
M1098 MAVERICK(WA) 1 mark skeels The event at Ross River was very good so I’ll give this a go...have heard good things about the station.
M259 Member - Mike 2 Mike Tull, Marg Tull Looking forward to joining you all
M10105 Member - TB 2 Tony Bond, Jennie Bond Looking forward to our first national gathering...
M9076 Member - Rowlie 2 Janne Anderberg, Margie Anderberg Will try yo be there. Looking forward to it

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