About the EOTopo MapsetAbout the EOTopo Mapset
EOTopo is a high resolution topographic map of Australia that is feature-rich with verified point of interest & campsite markers. Australia-wide road and track coverage is extensive and has been fully updated in our latest 2018 version.[Feature Story]
ExplorOz TravellerExplorOz Traveller
ExplorOz Traveller (with EOTopo maps) is the best 4WD maps app on the market. It's a complete GPS mapping navigator for Android phones, Android tablets, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 devices and is developed specifically for 4WD travellers,
Hay RiverHay River
Suitable only to 4WDers with a strong sense of adventure and experience in remote desert travel. This track is largely unmarked and good map-reading skills are essential.[Feature Story]
ExplorOz General Newsletter 484ExplorOz General Newsletter 484
15 March 2019. Weekly catch up; How to post Videos; Redarc Winner announced; How to get our app & offline maps.
Cape York via Bypass RoadsCape York via Bypass Roads
This is an alternative route to Cape York that bypasses the challenging 4WD river crossings found on the Old Telegraph Track (OTT). The Peninsula Developmental Rd (PDR) still requires 4WD and may be closed at times during the wet season.
Painted DesertPainted Desert
The Painted Desert has to be the highlight of the South Australian Desert experience. This trek from Coober Pedy takes as little as one day, but if you are a photographer or painter, you may choose to spend an entire week in the Painted Desert.
Place ShowPlace Show
Places is a dynamic and intuitive database with thousands of points of interest. Interactive tools allow you to reveal more data layers
Business Member Newsletter 54Business Member Newsletter 54
26 February 2019. Boost your business with ExplorOz - find out how to generate leads using Business Membership tools and make use of our marketing and advertising options.
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