West Hamersley Ranges and Woongarra PoolWest Hamersley Ranges and Woongarra Pool
This short trip takes advantage of recent exploration work undertaken by BHP Billiton as well as a station track to the Pool which lies on a picturesque length of the Beasley River and which provides excellent camping.[Feature Story]
Satellite TVSatellite TV
Satellite TV systems enable viewers to receive free to air and/or pay TV channels in remote locations where land-based television reception is either poor, or non-existent. In fact, Australians have had free to air Satellite TV since 1985.
Great Central RoadGreat Central Road
Part of the "Outback Way", the Great Central Road is the main thoroughfare through Central Australia and links WA to NT. It is widely used by buses, trucks, 4WD and occasionally 2WD vehicles.
Anne Beadell HighwayAnne Beadell Highway
An inland alternative to travelling the Nullarbor, the Anne Beadell trek offers remoteness, isolation and unique vegetation and wildlife.[Feature Story]
ExplorOz TravellerExplorOz Traveller
ExplorOz Traveller (with EOTopo maps) is the best GPS/Navigation and mapping app for Australian travellers. The app works on all the latest operating systems - Android, iOS (iPad/iPhone only), and Windows 10.
Trailer Wiring DiagramsTrailer Wiring Diagrams
This is a basic reference article about trailer and caravan wiring; the plugs and sockets that are commonly in use in Australia, and the pin colour codes that are designed to coordinate proper connections, according to Australian Standards.
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