This page shows the location of all registered devices in operation (excludes devices protected by Security Key). Coloured icons show clumps of travellers in the same area. Zoom for more detail - find individuals - or use search to find a traveller by device-name/screen name.
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    Live Chat

    Before using Live Chat for queries about ExplorOz Traveller, please ensure you have checked for an answer on the ExplorOz Traveller webpage first. Try watching the Demos & Video Tutorials, Check the Support Help section for FAQs, and read the User Manual. Live Chat is only available Monday - Friday between the hours of 8.30am - 3.30pm. We are located in Perth, Western Australia, which operates on GMT+8 (WST). We only have 1 operator, so if you can't get through, please leave a message so we can get back to you.

    How to Setup Tracking on your Device

    Our service is compatible with almost all devices so chances are you'll already have something you can use, which makes the whole process extremely easy and affordable.

    There are 2 options for setting up tracking via EOTrackMe:-

    1) either get the ExplorOz Traveller App (Android/iOS/ Windows), which has the tracking software built in for auto-registration (plus maps & navigation tools). More info here.

    2) register your device to the stand-alone basic EOTrackMe service (iPad/iPhone NOT compatible).
    To get started, look below for the list of compatible devices - click the relevant heading for instructions.
    Features & Functions

    Home Location Privacy

    Your home location is protected by an automatic 2km radius Geofence. Additional Geofences can also be added as needed for other sensitive locations and expanded up to a 10km radius. Tracking will not display until you move outside your Geofence.

    Password Protection

    If you do not want to have your current location visible, you can choose to "lock" the tracking of your device. Simply click on the device, then the "Security Key Required to View" button. The security key is a password that you add to the Security Key field in your ExplorOz Profile. Once you have completed the trip, you might be happy to save the recorded route. This reformats the file so it can be shared and displayed as a User Trek.

    What information is shown in my track log?

    EOTrackMe displays a line on a map showing the route you have travelled according to the GPS position settings received by our server. Average speed, current direction, distance travelled today, and when the device was last seen will also be displayed. Your track log will displayed using your ExplorOz Screen Name.

    Saving EOTrackMe Tracking

    Do not leave tracking running for 6 months and save as a User Trek titled "Bob's Around Oz Lap 2016" as this is useless to anyone looking for a specific track. You may clear tracking after using or save into logical, named track segments. Please respect that User Treks is a crowd-sourced database of track files that allows others to search and find tracks to download and use.
    How it works
    EOTrackMe is a service for travellers that once configured, automatically receives position data from moving GPS devices via an internet (or satellite) connection and displays this onto a map stored on the ExplorOz website (in your Member Profile).

    When out of service, your device will store position data periodically and only send to the EOTrackMe server when a connection is restored, enabling your tracking map to "catch up".

    The EOTrackMe service has various settings to provide you with privacy protection, and can be utilised with almost any smartphone, tablet, computer or satellite device (such as SPOT).

    Why use this tracking service?

    Tracking the movement of a device can be useful for many reasons. Peace of mind knowing you are being tracked (and therefore can be found if lost), providing an instant way for the family to keep in touch with your progress, and to create a visual route on a map as a keepsake of your adventure.

    During your travels, you can choose to allow your tracking to be shown on the EOTrackMe group mapping page or you can keep your tracking private. If you'd like your tracking to be viewed by only a select few people (such as family/friends) then you can lock your current tracking so that it requires a password to view. You can also embed your tracking map to another website you manage (via inserting code into your website). This features works with WordPress sites (but not the free ones).

    Managing your Tracking

    Once you have EOTrackMe configured, you can start/stop/clear/save your tracking logs as required. If you save a tracking log, you will be prompted to name your route and this will be reformatted to a GPS file format and stored as a User Trek in your profile and in the public User Treks list. This data can then be useful to others wishing to search the site for treks by name (so split your trip up into logical segments and save by track or region name). You can also add your User Trek map as an image into your blogs.

    Device Tracking

    Within your Member Profile you can add up to five (5) tracking devices. Each device has its own individual map display, which you can name to help identify the unit. See the list of supported devices below.
    Instructions for setting up a SPOT device
    The SPOT Satellite Messenger devices are supported in EOTrackMe via the use of the shared page XML feed system.
    The shared page system and XML feed are an available using the Track Progress service available directly from Spot see http://au.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=111 and this must be activiated to use your Spot on EOTrackMe.
    To set-up your SPOT device to be visible on EOTrackMe do the following (if you have already setup a shared page see note below):
    • Login to your SPOT account
    • Click on the Share tab
    • Click the "Create Shared Page" option

    • Name the page something like SPOT XML Interface
    • Select the messenger (i.e. SPOT device) for the shared page. If you only have one, it will be selected automatically. If you have more than one device, you must select the device for which you're creating a feed to EOTrackMe. Do not select multiple devices! If you have more than one device, you will need to create a separate shared page for each device
    • Check all message types to share on this page. If you're creating a shared page for a Generation I device, you will see three message types - Check-in, Help and Track. If you're creating a shared page for a Generation II device, you will see a fourth message type - Custom. Be sure and check all message types
    • In the Share GPS locations from the last list, select an appropriate number of days. 7 days is the recommended value but it's totally up to you
    • This is important... For the Share message detail setting, please select Yes. This allows EOTrackMe to pull the custom message text that you've set-up for Ok, Help and Custom messages
    • Password protection is not currently supported. Ensure the page is public
    • Click the Create Now! button

    • A new window will appear with the URL for your SPOT shared page, highlight the entire URL by holding down the left mouse button and dragging over the URL, then right-click the highlighted area and select the copy option
    • The next step is to be completed on ExplorOz (see next step below)

    NOTE: If you already have a SPOT Shared Page all you need to do is login to your account, and click on the Edit/Manage Shared Page link. Right click on the name of the Shared Page you want to submit to EOTrackMe, then select the "copy link location"/"copy shortcut"/"copy link address" option (option is different depending on browser), then follow the below instructions.
    • Make sure you are currently logged in to your member account (to determine this click on the "My Home" tab at the top of this page and look under the My Account Stats box). Once you have determined that you are logged in, come back to this section then click this link: Register SPOT Device
    • In the window that appears you'll need to enter the URL that you copied by right clicking in the text box and selecting the past option, the URL will appear in the text box, you can then press Save
    • The SPOT device is now loaded into your account, go to your Members Public Profile page or the My Tracking tab on the EOTrackMe page to customise the set-up (including Device Name and Security Options).
    Instructions for setting up Android Devices
    The following instructions are for setting up EOTrackMe Client Software ONLY. (Do not follow these instructions if you have the ExplorOz Traveller app - as tracking is already included in the app and is activated from the home screen).

    EOTrackMe Client Software

    If you only want a Tracking service and not the full navigation/routing/mapping features available in the ExplorOz Traveller App, then you may purchase EOTrackMe Client Software for Android for just $5. This is only available from our online shop - just make sure you are logged in with your Member account or you will be charged for Membership and a new account created.

    Initial Set-Up

    EOTrackMe Android is essentially a “set and forget” program. The first thing you will need to do when you open the program is to go to Settings (using the Settings button on your phone), select EOTrackMe User ID and enter this number " UserID Error - Not logged on " (the number displayed on this page is the User ID for the account you are currently logged in with to view the ExplorOz website and is different for everyone). The Settings Menu also allows you to change your Logging details and General program options. Once you have configured EOTrackMe Android you are ready to start tracking. The ‘Start Logging’ button will begin tracking your route and sending updates to the ExplorOz server (when an internet connection is available). Should you wish to stop tracking, simply click 'Stop Logging'. The Android device is also now loaded into your account. Go to your Members Public Profile page or the My Tracking tab on the EOTrackMe page to customise the set-up (including Device Name and Security Options).

    Problems finding Settings?

    The App Settings button on Android devices is found using a Soft Key Menu and is usually activated by a "long press" of the bottom right or left button. Try this reference page for further tips on finding the App Settings menu on your Android device -Android Menu Buttons as explained by "WhatsApp".
    Instructions for setting up Windows Devices
    The EOTrackMe Windows program provides a data logger and real-time tracking interface between your GPS and laptop/tablet. The software operates stand alone or also fully supports OziExplorer and seamlessly links the tracking functions and moving map features of OziExplorer together.
    EOTrackMe Windows is available as a free trial download, however has limited functionality (will not display your route on the ExplorOz website) until registered. To download your trial copy of EOTrackMe Windows click on this download EOTrackMe Windows link.
    In order to sync your copy of EOTrackMe Windows with your ExplorOz Member Profile it must be registered. The registration process requires you activate you copy of EOTrackMe Windows in the ExplorOz Online Shop, in which a $5 fee applies.
    NOTE: Our tracking service is for Members Only. If you try to purchase this software without being logged in with a Member account you will be charged for a Membership Subscription in order to validate your order, making the order total $54.95.
    Click to Purchase/Register EOTrackMe Windows.

    Initial Set-Up

    EOTrackMe Windows is essentially a “set and forget” program. The first thing you will be asked for is your UserID. Your User ID is UserID Error - Not logged on (the number displayed here is based on the account that you are currently logged into the website with and is the exact number you must type into the app - this is unique to you).
    Once installed, the first step should be to use the ‘Scan’ button to scan your computers ports. This will ensure that the correct port settings are found for your GPS (You will need your GPS connected in order for ‘Scan’ to function correctly). Once your GPS has synchronised, you are ready to configure EOTrackMe Windows additional functionality. Items such as ‘Tracking Distance’ and ‘Tracking Time’ can be altered to suit your requirements.
    The image to the left outlines each of EOTrackMe Windows functions. Should you wish restore EOTrackMe Windows back to its original state, it’s as simple as clicking the ‘Default’ button.
    Once you have configured EOTrackMe Windows you are ready to start tracking. The ‘Start Tracking’ button will begin tracking your route and sending updates to the ExplorOz server (when an internet connection is available). Should you wish to stop tracking, simply click the 'Stop Tracking' button, which was initially the 'Start Tracking' button.
    The Windows device is also now loaded into your account, go to your Members Public Profile page or the My Tracking tab on the EOTrackMe page to customise the set-up (including Device Name and Security Options).
    Supported Devices & Tracking Software

    Supported Devices on the Satellite Network

    SPOT Satellite Messenger

    EOTrackMe supports either the SPOT, SPOT 2, SPOT 3 or the SPOT Connect when a Tracking Plan option has been enabled (SPOT Subscription fees apply). These devices offers the only reliable method to maintain "live" tracking throughout your entire trip using EOTrackMe as it submits tracking data using the satellite network (rather than only when in mobile service). They are ideal for use when you also require the other services they offer (such as satellite messaging and SOS functions) or if you want real time tracking when travelling in remote areas for extended periods of time.

    Support on the 3G/4G Network

    Android Smartphone/Tablet

    EOTrackMe Android software can be installed on your Android Device to record tracking in conjunction with a GPS Receiver (either inbuilt or external). Note this is basic tracking software only. If you also want offline & online mapping/navigation/pre-loaded trek files then we recommend purchasing our app ExplorOz Traveller, which includes tracking (members only).

    Windows Notebook/Tablet

    EOTrackMe Windows software can be installed on your Windows Notebook/Tablet (excluding Windows Mobile) to record tracking in conjunction with a GPS Receiver (either inbuilt or external). EOTrackMe also offers OziExplorer (navigation software) integration if OziExplorer is installed on your Windows device. Note this is basic tracking software only. If you also want offline & online mapping/navigation/pre-loaded trek files then we recommend purchasing our app ExplorOz Traveller, which includes tracking (members only).

    iPhone & iPad

    All iPhones feature an inbuilt GPS receiver, as well as selected iPads. Tracking of iOS devices is only possible via the ExplorOz Traveller App, which is purchased from the App Store. See ExplorOz Traveller App.

    More Information:

    EOTrackMe Android & EOTrackMe Windows tracking software supports “store and forward”. What this means is that although they use the internet to send tracking data to the EOTrackMe system, they will store this data while not within coverage areas, so there are no “gaps” in your tracking files.
    To use EOTrackMe you will also need access to an internet connection, either as a data allowance/data pack with your pre-paid credit or contract plan for phones/tablets, or a mobile internet device for your Notebook. Public & business provided Wi-Fi networks can be used, however this means that tracking can only be submitted when you have Wi-Fi access.

    Data Usage:

    Data usage will depend upon the interval you have set-up between position records. Each position recorded is 700 bytes – less than 1kb, so, if you have the software set-up to record your position every 200m (standard setting) then you will record 500 locations per 100km (350kb), or 5000 locations per 1000km (3.5MB).
    What Is EOTrackMe and How Does it Work? Video Introduction by Pat Callinan
    This clip features a Pat Callinan product review of the EOTrackMe online tracking service. The clip is part of a segment from Series 3 of the Pat Callinan 4x4 Adventures.


    Do I need to be a Member to use EOTrackMe?

    Yes, tracking is a Member's-Only service. If you have already purchased the ExplorOz Traveller app and are not already a member, a special concession is made so that you can purchase Membership from our Shop for the discounted rate of only $29.95 (this discount will automatically apply if you log into the site before purchase with the account that is linked to your app account). If you have purchased Membership first, and then purchase the app, this discount is not retrospective - ie. refunds are not provided. Pricing is calculated at the time of order and is displayed based on your account profile status so remember to always log in to enjoy your benefits.

    Can I have more than 1 device being tracked at the same time?

    Yes. Each device that is registered to your account will appear under the map in the My Tracking section of your Member profile page. As the device owner, you will be able to click in the box showing the name of your device to access the user settings for tracking this device. Note that you "name" each device individually to help you identify them. You can also independently setup Security locks on each device. All devices in your account will use the same GeoFences (use these to block tracking in defined zones, eg. to obscure the exact location of sensitive locations such as your home, or places you go to frequently).

    I want my Friends and Family to be able to view my tracking, how do I do this?

    Login into the website then click View Member Profile. Other people can view this page, however only you can control what is shown on this page. If you have already setup/registered your device to the tracking service you will see a tab on your page with the heading "My Tracking". When you view this section you will have access to the Save/Archive, Download, and Clear buttons that other people do not see. By default, you will be able to view a map here showing your tracking route but no one else can see this unless you've provided the Security Key (password) to them. As mentioned above, the security visibility of each device can be independently controlled by you - just click the name of the device to open the user settings. Here, you can set a device to either require security, or not require security. If you wish to use a security key, this is managed in your Account and can be changed/updated anytime. Once it's all setup to your liking, click on the device name shown below your tracking map and a Direct Link will appear - simply copy and paste this link into an email to send to your friends and family, don’t forget to tell them your EOKey (different to your ExplorOz password) if you have locked your tracking.

    I have installed EOTrackMe Android but cant get to the Settings Page to enter my User ID, how do I do this?

    We suggest that you refer to the instruction manual for your device or search the internet for more information on finding the settings menu based on the model of your phone.

    I have a new Android phone (had the EOTrackMe for Android app (not ExplorOz Traveller) on a previous Android Device), how do I install EOTrackMe and do I need to pay again?

    Your EOTrackMe registration is linked to your Membership Profile, so all you need to do is download the EOTrackMe for Android app from the Play Store and enter your User ID as per the "Instructions for setting up Android Devices", this will complete the registration of the device, you do not need to pay for a new registration.

    I am running a tracking device, and it says it was last seen recently, but there is no tracking map why?

    We create an automatic Geo-fence at a 2km radius around the home address supplied in your profile. If you have not travelled outside of this area yet, your tracking will not display.

    Can I embed my tracking map onto a website/Wordpress/social media?

    We have a specific embed page for EOTrackMe maps, however this will only work on websites that support iFrames. For Wordpress or Social Media sites such as Facebook, you can only post the link to your tracking map. You can obtain the direct link using the process described above (but instead of copying and pasting this link into an email you just paste the link into a post).

    My tracking map is looking very messy - how do I tidy it up?

    Below your tracking map you'll see 3 options - Save/Archive, Download, Clear/Delete. Use any of these options (self explanatory). Note than when you use the Save/Archive you will not lose anything - your route will simply be reformatted into a User Trek and will then appear in the My User Treks section further down your Member Profile page. Ideally, you should use this function to save logical track segments of trips, and not let your tracking run for the whole trip. But it's up to you.

    My tracking shows recording errors such as long straight lines instead of following the path of the road - why is this and I can I fix it?

    All tracking is a series of straight lines from point to point. The most accurate tracking occurs when the points are closer together, and this is usually achieved by using the ExplorOz Traveller app and going into Settings and changing the GPS Poll to 0.25 seconds (the minimum poll period). If the app is not receiving a GPS position update and you have moved then the gap between points will create a straight line section from the last received point to the next. Be aware that from time to time, your GPS sensor might pick up erroneous position data - this is possible with mobile devices that switch between using both A-GPS and GPS systems. It is also possible that the GPS sensor in your device might stop - a device reboot will generally restart it. If your tracking has a few glitches, it is possible to edit out GPS errors from your tracking after you have saved/archived but we would recommend that you download your tracking file in GPX format and edit it in a mapping software program such as OziExplorer to do this. You can then upload the fixed file back to User Treks and it will reappear on your page.

    In general, the best practise for achieving tracking accuracy is to keep your device Location Settings set to Always. Keep your device powered and on when moving, AND keep the app running when moving.

    My Tracking Control Panel

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