Review: Holland Track

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Two weeks ago we went through towing our Kimberley on its first "real" off road camping trip. It was after the rain and the road had been shut up until the day we left Hyden which was lovely and sunny. The track soon turned to water hole after water hole with some of them becoming quite difficult to get through, the day was running short so we camped up and got set for the evening. Next day we started off again and crossed the SX/ Forrestania Rd by Mt Holland, nice spot here, and around mid morning we got stuck a beauty. Got to use my new HiLift jack to winch out the Landy, it works just a little tedious. Next purchase will be a new bar and winch. It was pretty wet all the up to The Norseman road and the country changed. Real nice drive. Stayed near the Cat camp, lots of good spots around here. Heaps of good water in puddles at Anges Gnamma hole, better in fact than the water in the covered hole. Covered a lot ground this day and got through to Pigeon Hole which had a great graded track, watch for damp patch's I got stuck again. Great trip looking forward to the next adventure. Also a big thanks to the Landcruisers Club WA for looking after this track.

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