Review: VR-1200 5W UHF Radio

My Shop Item Rating: My Rating 2/5

Just purchased this device and used it for the first time last week. I mainly purchased it for when we maybe in a situation of needing to reverse the van down a track and I have no visual reference by use of mirrors with my better half. So just as a test thought we'd break it out of the box and have a chat whilst picking our spot. First thoughts was that it was a good size and easy to use. Our priority was the battery and charging aspect. Our previous two ways used AAA batteries with no capacity to recharge and basically were a pain in the butt as basically we had to keep buying new batteries every trip. This device allows us to charge 12v and off mains so is brilliant and they reckon you'll get up to 14 hours life. Only critiicism is that even though the two-way in the Cruiser was on maximum volume, I had real difficulty hearing what the other half had to say. It was a pretty big minus actually considering the price, therefore a low rating on the stars.
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