Review: Holland Track

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Just completed the Holland Track on the 25 March with a Patrol, Navara and a motorbike. Had a great time, rain in the last couple of weeks leading up to the trip meant that there was a bit of water around making the track a little wet and muddy. We started in Hyden and just drove the section of the track to Victoria Road. The most of the water was at the Hyden end of the track, with most deep stuff with easy go arounds. Care was taken though, as the depth of the water vaired quite a bit. Traction or ground clearance wasn't an issue with a Patrol and Navara. THe Navara had a small problem at 1 stage when a little water go into the air intake, wrecking a part of the filter, showing the importance of a Snorkel in these conditions. We managed to finish the track in 1 and a half days, with plenty of time to set up camp in Kal. Thanks goes out to the Landcruisers Club for maintaining the track, and I'll see you on the tracks.

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