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I would like to purchase a forester and will do some light off road work with it. I will also tow a 6 x 4 trailer with it on occasions with some camping gear in it. I would like some opinions on the first foresters in auto, man, and the GTs. How are the turbos holding up after a few years now? What are they like on juice compared to a non turbo, is there lag? and is this a problem off road? which of the early models had abs? Ive read a few comments on the manuals with there clutch shudder problems but what are the auto trans like? Or should i just spend a bit more and get a 2.5x? as they seem to offer all the mod cons as standard now.

Any info greatly appreciated

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Reply By: Member Colin - NSW Bungendore - Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 00:32

Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 00:32
Lots of ??

Buying a 2nd hand Forester is no different than any other car - be careful. I bought my '98 with 80 000km - now up to 140 000km. Don't be too concerned with the No of Kms - ie. a country car with more kms is probably better than a low km Sydney car.
Problem areas are clutch judder - mines does this a bit, but it is caused by clutch plate material and a new one doesn't necessarilly fix the problem
Some early models had a problem slipping out of 1st gear on over run (downhill) - Subaru fixed mine out of warranty - no charge
I have heard of some problem with rear wheel bearings - no trouble with mine.
If you intend going bush with extra weight the self level rear susp can pack it in if pushed - the rear end will sag if the air assist fails as the springs are softer.

As far as the GT - if I had some $$ I would buy an auto GT - good power and fantastic 'off road' especially in sand. I'm not aware of any problems with the auto - there is a oil cooler available for the auto trans. You can also get a switch that will manually select 4WD - the auto normally runs mainly in FWD. The XT has far too much power and is heavy on fuel. Downside of Turbo is they need PULP whereas a NA runs OK on ULP - this can be a problem 'out the back of Bourke'!

Other items would be A/T tyres and a sump guard - I used a guard off an older model Subaru.
Join the Suabru Club in your state.
Happy Foresting - I can't wait till June, on another trip up the CSR to Calvert Ra. - all Foresters.
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Reply By: SupaMav - Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 09:22

Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 09:22
I have an 02 GT manual. It is a pig of a car to drive around town, much like a race car would be. But on the highway, it is another story. Get an auto, they are much nicer to live with if this sort of thing bothers you. This is my second Forester, the first was the non-turbo manual version. I actually liked it better for the around town stuff, but you just can't beat the GT on the highway, I guess that is where the GT comes from . . . Grand Tourer. The previous model was also much better for any slow off-road excursions as it had low range.

Turbo version uses a little more petrol around town, but on the highway it is just under 10l/100km doing about 109kph. I have noticed that the speed of travel on the highway makes a marked difference in the fuel consumption . . . put your foot down in the GT and it will slurp.

The GT does have turbo lag, pretty hard to get away with it when you have a plain bearing turbo. But it is liveable. I suspect an auto GT may mask this a little bit, but my manual does bog down if you are in the wrong gear.

My clutch does shudder and it seems that it will till the day I get rid of it. This is a pain in the ar*e.

I do not consider the GT an off road car at all . . . well formed tracks only. And don't think that a manual GT would be very good in sand.

That is my experience . . . 8-)
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Follow Up By: Dodge - Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 16:01

Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 16:01
Hi guys, just a quick note that you had on your clutch, my wife has a 99 non-turbo model, manual.three kids and camper trailer went to Mackay Nth Qld.Only dropped a couple of k's per litre,still happy with performance especially off road in Deep Water National Park(light off road.Had a shuddery clutch during this trip, put it down to towing but when we came home clutch played up terribly sometimes wouldn't even disengage then would-like a hoon dropping it for a burn out.Took it to the local Subaru dealer,found that Subaru called it a known clutch problem.They gave us an out of warranty consideration and paid for parts we paid labour.Parts replaced were Clutch slave cylinder,slave cylinder hose and the return spring on the pedal.Clutch shudder almost non existant. Ask about this at subaru dealer as Subaru have a national computer tracking system for monitoring these problems.Hope this helps

p.s. love the manual 2.0ltr get about 38mpg on the highway

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Follow Up By: Aussie 1 - Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 20:31

Saturday, Mar 13, 2004 at 20:31
what oil do you use dodge
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