Comment: Roof Top Tents (RTT)

@ Idler Chris,
Ladder is no longer than any other rooftop ladder. Never had a problem. I am over 70, although pretty agile, and seems fine.
Yes you are a bit exposed to the weather getting in and out. If its seriously wet, I put up an RV shade over that side, which also gives somewhere to hang wet coats etc on the way up.
Lately we added a Foxwing, which gives shelter along one side and the tail, and again is 5 minutes to rig. But of course it has to be the other side from the camper top entry. Thought a lot about that before we bought it, but its perfect for all but really bad weather. Have rigged the RV shade once since about 2 years, camping at least 1 weekend per month or more. Would probably use it more in places like Tassie.

Re lightning: If you are out in a bad storm, you always take a risk. I seriously doubt whether a metal ladder or the extra height adds much to that. Better to have something you can derig and drive out in a hurry, if it comes in unexpectedly. Never had that happen, but then I dont camp on top of mountains in conditions like that either.
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