Review: EOTopo 200K

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I recently purchased the new release of this product . When compared to the original release, this version is much improved in its appearance although there is still some issues that I will address later.

For many years I have been using the NATMAP Digital 250K product but regrettably it has become very dated, given the most recent updates to map information date back to 2005. In my various travels I have used the NATMAP product as a navigation and planning resource and found that the accuracy of track and road information shown was generally very good.EOTopo comes from that source except that it has more up to date information.

Here are some thoughts about EOTopo.
1. Until the arrival of EOTopo, I used the NATMAP product most of the time with the occasional reference to other mapping products available. EOTopo has now become my “go to map” with the occasional reference to other mapping products available.
2. I like the fact that track plot data has been added to enhance road and track information (depicted in purple) and this makes the product as up to date as you will get anywhere and also gives the users the ability to provide their own updated information for inclusion at a later date.
3. I also like the fact that compared to other mapping products EOTopo has more topographic information, especially contours. Contours help me interpret the terrain which I like to do. The subtle hill shading in the background is an enhancement I also like.
4. EOTopo is the only up to date, seamless map covering all of Australia in a single data set. This file may is excellent to use on a PC or Laptop. The fact that the map is divided into states as a separate State based files makes those files more responsive on some GPS’.
5. I use EOTopo on the following devices.
1. Laptop running windows 8 and using the OziExplorer app
2. A Generic 7” GPS running Windows CE and using Oziexplorer CE
3. A Samsung Galaxy 2, 10.1 android Tablet using OziExplorer for Android.
4. It would be good if I could find an app that enabled me to use EOTopo on my iMAC and iPad with the same functionality as OziExplorer has on my other devices.
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