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As some of you will know I purchased a Cobb oven about a year ago. I was at the Rosehill show yesterday and went to the Cobb stand to purchase a new base bowl that had become damaged and after talking to the ppl on the stand they agreed to replace it for free. I didnt go looking for a handout out and was very surprised at the very positive response. In fact I offerred to pay and was told "No we can't sell you one" Initially I didnt understand what they were saying. "Can' sell me one!!...what do you mean??". "After what you have just told us we cannot in good conscious sell you a new base, we will give you one...but wont sell you one!...we stand by our product 100%"...I gotta tell you I was gob-smacked. I have had nothing but good to say about Cobb since I purchased the oven, this excellent service just enhances the experience.
Cobb are advertisers on this forum and deserve our support as far as I am concerned
Well done Cobb :-)

ps Those of you that subscribe to another similar forum will see the same post there...and the mistake I made...that will teach me to be in 2 different forums at the same time :-) :-)

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Reply By: Phil P - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 10:11

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 10:11
Good Feedback, reinforces the good purchase decision we made when buying our Cobb Oven !

Any handy hints on cleaning it, when you have limited water supplies ?

Thanks in advance
Phil P
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Follow Up By: trikidiki - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 16:33

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 16:33
Fill the moat with water and a little detergent while it's still hot, it makes cleaning a breeze.

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Reply By: Wombat - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 12:29

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 12:29
The Cobb is just fantastic - we love ours - BUT how good would it be if you could get pre-made aluminium foil inserts to sit into the oil catching moat/well to make cleaning easier.
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Follow Up By: Phil P - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 13:09

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 13:09
Excellent idea, maybe Cobb will read these posts and be inspired to get some made ! As long as they don't overprice them like the Engel Fridge Extension.
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Reply By: cokeaddict - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 15:57

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 15:57
I dont have one myself, but then again i cant cook for .......well u know what I mean.
But its nice to know some company's stand by their goods. If i ever find me a woman that knows how to cook..I'll be buying one for sure
P.S..dont tell the Mrs i said that ok :-)
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Reply By: paul - Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 17:51

Sunday, Apr 18, 2004 at 17:51
and how is the cooking - i looked at one and like the style but someone on this forum who was a chef said they don't grill very well cause you can't generate sufficient instant heat. Sure they will cook but not create the smoky caramelised sugar sensation on marinated flash grilled foods, chops for eg. Comments ? any other limitation if this comment is correct ?
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Follow Up By: KiwiAngler - Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:42

Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:42
I would have to agree with your friends comments...it isnt that 'instant searing heat' that say a griddle of bbq hot plate would give, thats why I still have a small gas cooker and hot plate to do those 'instant' type cook ups. But I have cooked sausages, bacon, eggs (use those ring thingies to keep the egg located :-) found out the hard way that if the cooker isnt dead level then those little vent holes in the plate act as egg magnets and its amazing how fast a couple of good sized goggies can disappear into the innner most depths of the cooker...hehheh..:-)) those marinated chicken skewer thingies, leg lamb, whole chook, roast beef, fish all were very nice...but havent really had a good result with chops or steak...but I am going to try these again thios weekend as the first time I ttried was when I first purchased it and I reckon I am a bit smarter about how to use it now. Will advise :-)
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Reply By: Rosscoe - Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 10:36

Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 10:36
Bought one at the show on Saturday after looking at them now for a couple of years.
Cooked two steaks on Saturday night. Used the fry pan option. The result was good without being great. Needed to let the plate heat a little more with lid on before throwing the steaks on. Still learning.
I ususully use a Weber smokey joe (mini weber) when camping. Gives a good charcoal taste but a lot messier and lot more heatbeads needed.
Baked a piece of marinated de-boned leg of lamb last night with baked vegies on top and carrots in foil in the bowl. Went down a treat with a bottle red.
The Cobb will certainly take the place of the Smokey Joe in the back of the fourby.
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Follow Up By: KiwiAngler - Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:21

Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:21
Try a little bit of TiTree saw dust in the moat and use it to smoke fish. It is yummy.
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Follow Up By: KiwiAngler - Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:32

Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:32
I am just putting in tonights dinner. One of those nicely prepared Turkey roasts which is stuffed with 100 different spices and cranberry....mmmmmm...turkey..mmmmmmm.

I lit it at 5:00pm...have left it until 5:30 for the beads to get that white powder ALL over (this is the most important stage, most ppl put the lid on too soon) put the Turk lurk in and will leave the lid on for 30 mins, turn and leave for another 30mins then for last 30mins I will put in my roast veges, potatoes, onions, Kumara and pumpkin again I am mostly using the prepared roast veges. Total time I am allowing for entire cook is 90mins.
All part of the learning curve so that when I leave for my big trip in 1st week of June I should have a pretty good idea of how to use it etc :-)
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Follow Up By: KiwiAngler - Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:46

Monday, Apr 19, 2004 at 17:46
P.S.....no you can't come to dinner...it's all MINE I say...all MINE!!!!...mwawwwwww :-)))
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Reply By: Member - Michael- Friday, Apr 30, 2004 at 10:27

Friday, Apr 30, 2004 at 10:27
I've had one for about a year now and have cooked bread - used a normal bread mix, baked a cakes, cooked roasts etc. at home at first to try out no good waiting to be out in the 'sticks' to find out your meal doesn't work out. It also come in handy when your out 4wd and there is a camp fire ban. It's one of the first items loaded into the GU after the fridge.
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