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After couple of recent emergencies, my partner & I want to compile some personal emergency medical records forms, in case one or both are incapacitated on our next big trip. They will include Personal contact details (including next of kin, health find etc); Vehicle/Insurance details; Existing Medical Conditions/medications/allergies (and so on). Does anyone have any other thoughts on what to include? Thanks; Dr Hook
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Reply By: Member - Bruce and Di T (SA) - Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 15:59

Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 15:59
It is possible to get a copy of your medical details, all about you in other words, from your GP. We have that and it is left in our glove box.

We also have ICE on our phones, In Case of Emergency, and list emergency numbers to ring.

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Reply By: Member - ACD 1 - Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 16:22

Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 16:22
I would start with a photo of yourself - this will provide immediate identification to emergency responders. A piece of paper with a name on it could be anybody. A photo is proof positive.

Include your name and personal details (include Medicare number) - this allows emgergency responders to speak to you by name when they treat you. Medicare number will allow them access to medical records held in public health facilities you may have been admitted to.

Date (when information was last updated) and sign the information so emergency responders know how recent the info is.

If you have a wish not to be resucitated or to be considered for organ donation (or not if that is the case) this could be included to provide guidance.

Also if you have religious believes that need to be considered ie no human blood products, no animal medical products etc etc.

Include a list of known allergies and medications and dosage you are taking - this will allow them too treat you appropriately in response to an incident/accident or medical emergencies (don't forget to include animal allergies - if allergic to horses, you can't have anti venom administered)

A list of current medical conditions followed by previous medical conditions. This will provide a history for a medical episode as opposed to an accident.

Doctor or medical centre contact details - this will allow them to get additional information about you if it is needed.

Next of kin contact details - for notification and additional history of needed.

Private health care contact details.

That's just a quick brainstorm of things I would see as being important. You don't want to include to many explicit private details (identity theft etc) but you need to provide enough for the information to be useful.

Most importantly - what ever you include on your list, people need to know where to find it. No point putting it in your glove box and the emergency responders don't know how to find it. Put a sticker on you windscreen saying something like -EMERGENCY MEDICAL INFORMATION LOCATED IN GLOVEBOX.



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Follow Up By: rocco2010 - Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 18:38

Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 18:38

That's some of the best advice I think I have read here.

As someone who travels solo a bit I have sometimes wondered "what if"

I will be working up a document along the lines you suggest for my next trip


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Follow Up By: Dion - Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 20:29

Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 20:29
Only problem with putting a sticker on your windscreen telling the Ambo's where your medical documents are, it also tells the less scrupilous about that the medical documents are there. There are plenty of times everyone leaves the car to go for a walk, might only be a couple of hundred yards away, to look at something and that's all someone needs. Yeah it's sad.
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Reply By: Motherhen - Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 22:28

Thursday, Apr 07, 2016 at 22:28
Hi Dr Hook

If you have any life threatening allergies or medical conditions, get and wear a MedicAlert bracelet. This gives those administering medical assistance access to your necessary medical details.

Like Di, I have "ICE" listing family members to contact on my phone contacts list.

Your car registration will help police identify you, and they may notify your next of kin.


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Reply By: Baz - The Landy - Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 08:11

Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 08:11
I use and wear a product called ROADID...

You can have emergency contact phone numbers on them and there is a provision to have medical information recorded online which can be accessed by medical authorities. This is identified by a discreet number on the band.

There is plenty of information on the company’s website and I'll leave you to review (ROADID).

I was drawn to this product after a close work colleague suffered a heart attack in the street, it was the fact he was wearing one of these that enabled quick identification of him and access by the attending medical team to his medical information (he’s well, alive, and still kicking!)

But let me say, the information provided by Anthony (Member ACD 1) is quite comprehensive, and I especially like the idea of photo ID to help identify who belongs to the medical plan.

The following might also provide some guidance on what to include in a medical information profile.

Cheers – Baz, The Landy
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Reply By: vk1dx - Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 08:20

Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 08:20
Go to the nearest ambulance station or hospital (preferably the ambos) and ask them for some advice on what they would need to know. You never know they may have a blank form with the right questions on it that you need.

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Reply By: Sigmund - Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 12:30

Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 12:30
4WD clubs have forms for this kind of thing. If interested I can try to put one up. If you're going in convoy each party brings 3 copies in sealed envelopes to the start, and a copy is carried by the leader and by the charlie with the 3rd going in your glovebox.

Outside of that .... a first responder has to know to look.
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Reply By: Dr Hook - Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 14:24

Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 14:24
Thanks all: Had much already but have deleted some and added some, as per your suggestions. I've included non-medical info as my partner does not know my Insurance (etc) details (- for example my Health Fund covers me for unlimited ambulance; RAA provides extended towing, camper towing (etc) if the vehicle is in an accident and I'm unconscious). She was quite distressed when I hit the dirt, and having my details at her fingertips would have helped her.
We'll knock up a pro forma (in Excel) and see how it looks for others. How can I attach it here?
Again, thanks, all.
Dr Hook
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Follow Up By: Sigmund - Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 14:37

Friday, Apr 08, 2016 at 14:37
You might split the SS into two sections, one for confidential info that gets sealed. There's some personal details that folk aren't going to write down and have lie around.
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Reply By: Shaker - Saturday, Apr 09, 2016 at 08:09

Saturday, Apr 09, 2016 at 08:09
If you have an iPhone, have a look at the included Health app.
You can enter your medical details including "next of kin" contact details, all of which is accessible with the phone locked including the ability to call the numbers listed, with the locked phone.

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Reply By: Dr Hook - Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 08:18

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 08:18
Thanks, everyone for your replies:
How do I attach an Excel File of what we've decided upon?
Dr Hook
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Follow Up By: Frank P (NSW) - Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 09:23

Wednesday, Apr 13, 2016 at 09:23
Write a Reply or Follow-up. Under the editing window, click the Images & Files button and follow the prompts.


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