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I have been running Ozi on a windows based GPS for a number of years and when i get home I transfer the track files to the desktop version. (Nothing new here). On my last trip my GPS failed at one point so I turned on an Android tablet and tracked that part of the trip until I fixed the GPS. When I got home all the files from the Win GPS load successfully as usual but the file from the Android system won't load into the desktop. I can see the file and can transfer it into the appropriate directory but for some reason the track won't display on the map. My only assumption is that the Android generated track file must have different properties to the windows environment. Has anybody else come across this and more importantly has anyone got a fix. Thanks in advance.
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Reply By: noggins - Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 17:49

Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 17:49
Try loading an app called Bluestack to the computer
This runs Android on the system and from memory you can transfer files from it to windows.

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Reply By: 1533rl - Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 19:17

Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 19:17
Richard, when you say you" turned on an Android tablet and tracked....", what was the app you used on the tablet. I run oziexplorer android on a tablet and the track files (format as .plt file) open up normally in the oziexplorer windows version.
So, second question - when you look at the file you have transferred, what is the file extension ? Just the dot and last three characters on the file name.

As an idea from the far side, the default colour of ozi tracks is actually red and sometimes it appears on top of the road on a map, and what is the most common colour used for a road (sealed) on a map ?

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Follow Up By: Richard B2 - Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 19:25

Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 19:25

The App was Oziexplorer for Android and the format of the file is a .plt. I also thought about the colour but I will check again just in case.

It doesn't make sense to me but I must be missing something really obvious.

I was hoping someone else had experienced this as I'm starting to feel like a dill.:)
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Reply By: luxtourer - Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 22:33

Saturday, Jan 05, 2019 at 22:33
Another possibility, since you definitely have a .plt file, is that there is no or very few actual point data, so you can't see the track.
These Ozi .plt files are just text files, so you should be able to open the file with Notepad, Wordpad or even Word or their equivalents and see the data. They start off like this:

OziExplorer Track Point File Version 2.0
WGS 84
Altitude is in Feet
Reserved 3
0,2,255,OziCE Track Log File,1,,,,600

Then comes a list of the actual lat/long of the points, and maybe height, time information, like this:

-23.1034758, 150.7448855,1,13.7,40863.1101105
-23.1035343, 150.7447661,0,-62.4,40863.1101800
-23.1035568, 150.7447403,0,-51.9,40863.1105736

400 points gives a file size of about 20k.

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Follow Up By: Richard B2 - Sunday, Jan 06, 2019 at 11:18

Sunday, Jan 06, 2019 at 11:18

Thanks I wasn't aware of that. Yep here it is

-33.7068703, 150.9967773,1,273.5,43402.8690037
-33.7069180, 150.9966911,0,397.4,43402.8690682
-33.7070319, 150.9967978,1,107.5,43402.9284316
-33.7069004, 150.9968686,0,229.1,43402.9284428
-33.7068574, 150.9968154,0,245.9,43402.9285585
-33.7066754, 150.9966991,0,251.1,43402.9286626
-33.7066196, 150.9965854,0,275.6,43402.9287323
-33.7067220, 150.9966711,0,300.2,43402.9297278
-33.7068170, 150.9967122,0,324.3,43402.9324822
-33.7066884, 150.9966504,0,325.6,43402.9342067
-33.7065823, 150.9968770,0,315.3,43402.9360934
-33.7069559, 150.9966679,0,320.7,43402.9378643
-33.7070018, 150.9967574,0,317.3,43402.9379105
-33.7070299, 150.9968732,0,314.2,43402.9379451
-33.7071152, 150.9972763,0,303.6,43402.9380494
-33.7072436, 150.9975870,0,289.3,43402.9381305
-33.7074512, 150.9979577,0,258.7,43402.9382345
-33.7074595, 150.9980685,0,257.0,43402.9382576
-33.7074372, 150.9982233,0,260.3,43402.9383040
-33.7074255, 150.9983494,0,268.5,43402.9383271
-33.7074185, 150.9985811,0,276.6,43402.9383734
-33.7074529, 150.9987477,0,280.0,43402.9384430
-33.7075137, 150.9988170,0,278.6,43402.9385239
-33.7075797, 150.9988778,0,267.0,43402.9386281
-33.7066348, 150.9967338,0,270.0,43402.9396120
-33.7067448, 150.9967170,0,270.8,43402.9397046
-33.7068159, 150.9966772,0,272.5,43402.9398088
-33.7067275, 150.9967066,0,274.2,43402.9399478
-33.7067291, 150.9967342,0,279.3,43402.9404800
-33.7067335, 150.9967281,0,292.6,43402.9412556
-33.7067192, 150.9966972,0,294.0,43402.9413831
-33.7066258, 150.9967136,0,295.2,43402.9414985
-33.7065460, 150.9966660,0,297.5,43402.9418574
-33.7063066, 150.9965739,0,296.5,43402.9423090
-33.7067536, 150.9964579,0,293.1,43402.9434436
-33.7066073, 150.9967471,0,436.1,43402.9449132
-33.7069453, 150.9965398,0,345.4,43402.9458044
-33.7070205, 150.9965964,0,347.0,43402.9458968
-33.7070429, 150.9967361,0,354.4,43402.9460820
-33.7069802, 150.9964848,0,338.2,43402.9463829
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Follow Up By: luxtourer - Sunday, Jan 06, 2019 at 14:00

Sunday, Jan 06, 2019 at 14:00
Hi Richard
I can see where those 40 points are on the Sydney map in Ozi if i just copy them in to another .plt file with a header that I know works. 40 points is hard to find though. Were there more in your original file?

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Follow Up By: luxtourer - Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019 at 19:21

Wednesday, Jan 16, 2019 at 19:21
Something else that might help. If you load your track into Ozi, then you can go View, Tracks, Track Control (search for "Track Control" in the Help if that doesn't work in your version). This will bring up a list of all tracks currently loaded, and if you double click on a track, you can see and change its properties, eg colour, track width, name, etc. Might also help to find it.
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