ExplorOz Traveller V3.12.0 New Update & New Instruction Manual

Hi everyone,
Whilst this new version was actually released last week, we let it slip through rather quietly as I didn't have the User Manual updated (extensive changes were required) but now that we've just published the updated manual we are ready to announce this new version is ready for your enjoyment!

I think I've worked longer hours in the last 6 weeks than I have for many years. Whilst the COVID 19 restrictions have impacted our customers travel plans this has meant that rather than working reactively to assist people with technical support, I've been able to work proactively for the first time in many years with almost no interruptions! The upside for you is the new User Manual is so much better in so many ways than the previous versions.

One of the new features in the V3.12.0 is the ability for us to send new Reference documents to the app without creating a new version so the next time you open the app and you're online you'll see a message pop up to say New Reference Manual and then you can simply tap on the Reference Manual button from the home screen and see what's there. No need to download it.

I urge all app users to go through this User Manual. You will discover things about using the app you never knew - I'm 100% sure of that statement, as I am still learning new things myself... ;) We've added some significant new features - taking on board loads of suggestions and feedback that we've gathered in recent months so I'm sure this will bring a few sighs of relief.

You'll also see there are 2 documents in this section now. The second one is "What's New in V3.12.0" and its just a simple half page document that will highlight all the changes which will help you know where to look for changes in the User Manual.

The newly updated User Manual has also been updated on the ExplorOz Traveller webpage which anyone is welcome to read even if you don't own the app - this would give you some insight into how the app works and with 42 pages there's tons of diagrams, screen shots and explanations/instructions to how to use all the features of the app.

I'm sure you want me to tell you here though what's new in v3.12.0?
Ok here it is:

• The Forgot Password tool is now available from the User Account Login screen (within the app)
• For Members/Tracker users, the Security Key is now sent together with the Direct Link if your device is set to “Private”
Track Logs (saved from Tracker) can now be Private if desired
• Track Log Name, Description & Privacy can now be modified in-app using the Swipe Left control from the Track Log list
• New Post Status feature - you can write and post a Status from either the Home screen or Map screen to submit a message and image/s to your server tracking
• New notifications feature – app sends notifications when you post a Status
• New subscription feature - your friends/family following your tracking via the ExplorOz Tracker app can subscribe to receive your notifications
• New Icon on Home Screen - now shows when you are inside a Geofence and which Geofence (name)
• Ability to change Geofence now managed in the User Account (in-app)
• User Manual pdf file is auto-updated (previously only available when new app version released).
• App now supports multiple documents in the Reference Manuals section

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