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How you are ExplorOz Reader?

We hope this email brings you some distraction from all the uncertainty and concerns surrounding the current world health crisis.

The distribution of our apps are managed by third-parties (ie. Apple app store, Google Playstore, and Windows Store) however these services are unlikely to have interruptions that would affect your access to downloads or updates.

We can also confirm that all our internal business operations (I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd., & ExplorOz) are proceeding as normal. Not only is our entire operation managed through online services, each facet of our service is managed in-house using our own staff. Furthermore, our office is located at our home residence and we don't employ external staff. All ExplorOz Customer Support, Accounts Marketing, Content, IT Development, & Mapping Development is handled by David and Michelle - owners of ExplorOz so provided we don't get sick, we can continue to work through the challenges of COVID-19 including a "lock down".

Our greatest challenge however will be riding the effects of a downturn in tourism, which could definatley see a massive reduction in sales of all our products, especially the ExplorOz Traveller app and EOTopo so we could be in for very tough times ahead. Please take a moment to read though the section in this newsletter for ideas how you can make real difference in supporting our business WITHOUT SPENDING A CENT!

This newsletter also includes new information and tips to help you get the most from ExplorOz Traveller & Tracker.


Anytime we can improve the app, we release an update to the app store, which you get free. We recommend that you use the "Enable Auto-Update" setting on your device to ensure you get these updates automatically. If you don't know how to setup Auto Update, please use the following links to learn how:-

The latest version of ExplorOz TRAVELLER for Apple users is v3.11.4 but for Android and Windows it is v3.11.3


If you find yourself with more time on your hands in the coming weeks, may we suggest you take a moment to do some of the following, all of which are very effective in supporting our business. Just imagine the impact you could make if you all did just 1 of these.
  • Write a short REVIEW of our app and post it to the app store.
  • Browse the map in the Traveller app and tap on Places you've been - where you see the prompt to Add Photo, or Add Description please contribute if you can.
  • Open your list of Private Places- can any be converted to Public Places?
  • Open your Tracking Map - how long since you've cleared or saved?
  • Talk about our products (Traveller, EOTopo, Tracker) on other Forums or Facebook groups that you visit.
  • If you use social media, follow our accounts @exploroz (on both Instagram and Facebook) - that means tick the LIKE or FOLLOW buttons.
  • Open the articles on our website from the LEARN & DISCOVER sections on the home page. These are completely independant and unbiased articles written by industry experts and enthusiasts. If you see a few ads, know that just by allowing them to be displayed to you, you have helped us earned a few cents from Google, which goes towards covering our monthly webhosting charges.
  • Read the entire User Manual - it explains how to do most of the above and will give you a much better explanation of how you can get the most from all the features of the app.
  • If you want to ask someone for help in how to do any of the above, why not use the communication resources we've built for you to talk to other app users? We offer the ExplorOz Traveller Facebook Group, and the ExplorOz Forum on our website.


Anyone that has a Member account will see a map in the Tracker section of your app. Notice the heading "Server Tracking" - server means online. This is NOT the mapscreen of the app that you use for driving, navigating, or planning. This is your Tracking Map so it shows only the data that has been synced via the Tracker service. This Server Map is online only and shows you what tracking has been synced to your online account from this device. This map is what is being seen by people that are following you.

This map window will automatically be OPEN whether you have ENABLED tracking or not. But you can close the map window by clicking the EYE icon.

If no tracking has synced from your device to your account then you'll see a message "No Current Tracking". So this is not an error message. It just means what it says - you have no Active tracking to display. Any past tracking that has been saved is archived in Track Logs. Any cleared tracking that was not saved has not been deleted, but just cleared from the active tracking map.

For tracking to appear - you must have:-

  • tracking enabled (green button ON)
  • AND moved outside your Geofence for positions to be recorded
  • AND device must be ONLINE (Wifi/4G) for new positions to sync

This service is optional and is purely for those that want an Active Tracking feed to their account. Data such as overnight stops, Last Seen, Last Moved, Speed, Heading, Distance Today, etc is displayed so it is very useful for family/friends at home to gain peace of mind that you are moving along as expected. By default the Active Tracking is hidden from view on the website with privacy tools in your control.

NOTE: if you notice a position error has been recorded in your Active Tracking (strange spike out and back) you can use the EDIT tool to locate the position error and delete or move it.

After your trip has ended, if you choose to use the SAVE/ARCHIVE option, all the active data is removed and just the snail trail of your route path is left. These are stored as Public TRACK LOGS. You can add photos to your Track Logs, write a description, and embed into Blogs, or share to social media. If you choose either CLEAR OR SAVE - the Active Tracking map is reset but the actual POSITIONS are never deleted from your device - these can be extracted at any time from the TRACK LOGS tool.


The ExplorOz Traveller app is a full service Navigation & Mapping app that features a fullscreen map that can be set to STAY AWAKE to override your screen-saver (see Settings - Map Screen).

To open the MapScreen and use Navigation tools - use the MAP button at the very top.

We hope you find this information useful, however we urge you to read the User Manual if you need more assistance.

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