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Submitted: Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:00
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Well I know there are probably plenty of good ones out there but unfortunately I happened to buy mine from a dodgey one.

I was on the look out for a Standard 100 series cruiser to replace my 75 series. Living in the middle of SA meant I was restricted to either buying through the 4x4 mags/internet etc or picking a weekend to drive to Adelaide and try and buy one.

So I watched the mags and interent heavily for 3 months (while I was trying to sell my ute). I saw this ad in the 4x4 Trader for a 100 series for a good price at QLD Wholesale 4x4. I rang them up and enquired about the vehicle. I was told that it had 240K on it and that it had been an ex wide load pilot vehcile which explained the high k's (The story was much more detailed than that but I won't go into it). The ad and the sales rep both stated that it had been fully maintained.

I waited another month and it was advertised again. So I rang up again (pretending that I hadn't rung before) and was told the same story. I thought that was a good sign.

Anyway my car finally sold another month latter and I saw the 100s advertised again for a reduced price and rang up again. Again I was given the same story about its history etc etc. So not having enough time to fly to Qld I decided to get it checked out by a mechanic and on the basis of the mechanics report purchased it. Well the report was a bit general but I spoke to the bloke and he said it runs and drives well and there was nothing major he could see wrong with it.

So I fork out the hard earned cash and get it sent over. When I pick it up from the depot it didn't look like an ex pilot vehicle. When I got home and investigated the service sticker on the window I find out that it is an ex Century Zinc mine vehicle that is way over due for a service (I tapped out probably 50 grams of dirt from the air filter) and the interior and general condition is nothing like what was described to me in the ad or over the phone.

I ring the yard and explain and all he could say was that they have heaps of different vehicles in the yard and that they must have got it mixed up with another one. Well if they did they should have sent me that one!!! They basically couldn't give a sh#t and said tough luck.

All I wanted, which I don't think is unreasonable, is a 2 year warrenty (which costs $465) and a full service (which it was supose to have had). But they are flately refusing and told me just to accept what I got. Anyway looks like I will have to go down the legal route because nothing p#sses me off more than being ripped off.

Am I asking too much?? Yes I know I should have flown over and looked at it but its not that simple from here. Anyway please stay away from this mob. They are shonky!! Sorry for any honest car dealers out there but I will NEVER trust another one again.
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Reply By: Patrolman Pat - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:11

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:11
Sorry to hear of your plight but it's a stupid way to buy a car IMO. I know that sounds harsh but you should have checked it out yourself.
Did the mechanics report include VIN and Engine numbers, this would prove that they sent you the wrong car. Good luck with it anyway. getting ripped off isn't fun.
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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:31

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:31
Point taken Pat, and don't worry I wasn't too happy with my decision making either. Yes the mechanics report stated the VIN and Eng # but I didn't know the original numbers anyway??!! Basically they made up a story to make a sale. I'm not saying the car is a lemon, I just wouldn't have paid that much if it had a mining background. Its more the fact that they have lied to me and then pleeded innocent that gets up my shirt. My last 2 vehicles were ex mining vehicles (i knew they were before I bought them though) and they had been good to me.

Just annoys me that they probably do this everyday and get away with it. If you bought a bottle of Coke and when you started drinking it you found out it was Home Brand Cola inside you wouldn't be happy either??
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Follow Up By: Patrolman Pat - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:46

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:46
I'd be well p!$$#d off to Hughesy. My point with the VIN # was if the dealer had let the mechanic inspect one car and then sent another you may have had some leverage with them. They do sound like a bunch of shonks though. Good luck with it.
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Reply By: Exploder - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:25

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:25
Ex-Miner oh chit, start running. Clean it up best you can and get rid of it before it falls apart no doubt it’s had a hiding and will most likely only coast you more $$ in the long run.

Have you called back the mechanic that did the inspection and asked for a please explain?

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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:36

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:36
No I've owned 2 ex-miners before. The mechanic did say a few things that raised the eyebrows (like screw holes in the dash and marks on the roof from racks) but they could be easily explained by the fact it was supose to be an ex pilot vehicle ie UHF's etc and the big Wide Load sign they have above the roof.
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Follow Up By: Exploder - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:55

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 14:55
Fair enough, can understand the anger with being sent a different car than what you inquired about thou.
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Reply By: Rock Crawler - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 18:01

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 18:01
Sounds like the mechanic was shonk to me. He would have known it was ex miner , the min he set eyes on it.

Hopefully it was RACQ , then you have a leg to stand on.
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Reply By: Andrew (Bris) - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 20:12

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 20:12
May have some recourse through Dept of Fair Trading. Worth doing a bit of research on the net for a start.

If your a member of the RACQ or other motoring organization you may get some advice.

False or misleading representations, misleading or deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct by the dealer? - Problem would be lack of documentation to prove any claim against the dealer.

Site Link

May be some recourse under the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act Qld 2000.
Complaint to the MTAQ may also help.

Don't forget you do get a 'statutory Warranty' when buying through a dealer in Queensland.

Most after market warranties I've come across have been 'breakdown only' - check the details before accepting any warranties for used vehicles.

I've recently gone through the exercise of buying a lemon from a dealer who flatly refused to do anything for me, but after some very carefully worded correspondence, he ended up bending over backwards to help - bought the car back from me, paid my costs, discounted another purchase. I couldn't be happier now.

Good luck.

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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 06:25

Monday, May 01, 2006 at 06:25
Thanks for the info Andrew. I'll have to do some research and write that letter. (any chance you could send me a copy without the names etc ofcourse??

Unfortunately the Statuatory Warranty doesn't apply to commercial vehicles or vehicles with over 160000km, which counts me out.

The "aftermarket warranty" would just be a piece of mind thing. It covers all parts and labour anywhere in Oz (well so they were telling me before I bought the vehicle) but doesn't cover everything because it has the high Km's.
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Reply By: stevesub - Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 20:23

Sunday, Apr 30, 2006 at 20:23
Last year we bought our boat (28ft Mustang Sports Cruiser) over the internet from a dealer in Sydney - we live in Brisbane. Saw the photos, got it surveyed, got it fixed, paid for it, got it delivered and guess what, they sent the wrong boat. Luckily, the dealer was a good one and realised their moistake very quickly and had our boat in Brisbane 2 days later.

Apparently a customer bought his boat in for a service and they sent it on a trip to Brisbane and it was 2 weeks before it got back to Sydney, just a mixup at the dealers.

We did deal with a reputable dealer who have plenty of offices around OZ and I would recommend Squadron Boat Sales to anyone.

Buying like this is a punt but if you are careful, it can be done and we saved a a heap of money buying the boat over the net as the boat had been reduced in price and we were the first with the dollars by about 2 hours. At the end of the day, after 5 months, we are 100% happy with our boat.

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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 06:28

Monday, May 01, 2006 at 06:28
Acytually its funny becuase in the ad this yard "claims" that they have been in business for 25 years and that they have hundreds of happy customers across Aust.??

I remember when you first posted about the stuff up with your boat. Would have been great to have seen the look on your face when you went to pick it up!! Would have been very similar to mine I reckon.
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Reply By: crewser - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 08:53

Monday, May 01, 2006 at 08:53
The 100s was a good price but was in the yard for 3 mths?? that should have giving you some idea if it was a good price or not, I think i know the car your talking about, If its the same one I looked at it longer than 3 mths ago, What you could have done is posted on this site to see if anyone had delt with them before and get a genral opinion of them,
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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Monday, May 01, 2006 at 13:27

Monday, May 01, 2006 at 13:27
Thanks Crewser, the reason I assumed it had sat there for 3 months (I first saw the ad in Dec/Jan edition) is that there isn't many people that want to buy a vehicle with 253,000km on the clock. That side of it didn't worry me because it was "suppose" to have only been cruising up and down the highway and getting fully serviced along the way. I know the 1HZ will do WAY more than that if they have been regularly serviced (I've owned very few vehicles with less than 200K on them)
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Reply By: Member - Bradley- Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 14:40

Tuesday, May 02, 2006 at 14:40
as far as i was aware, every ad for a vehicle for sale has to include either the rego number or the engine number if un-reg.

This would allow you to easily track down wether or not it was the vehicle as advertised and described to you.

I would think the basic consumer protection laws regarding products and services being NOT AS DESCRIBED would give you some re-course.
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Follow Up By: Member - Hughesy (SA) - Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 08:20

Wednesday, May 03, 2006 at 08:20
That's what I thought Brad but all the ad in the mag has (and like most others) is a ST########. I'm not sure what this number is but it doesn't relate to the eng or VIN numbers. I'd say its some sort of stock number for the yard.

Yeah I'm definately going to take this further and hopefully with some success. As a minimum hopefully they will be stopped from doing this sort of shonky act to other unsuspecting buyers.
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