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Submitted: Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 20:39
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Hi I have a GQ with a safari turbo on the 4.2 diesel. Can anyone tell me if the 2nd air cleaner is too restrictive for the turbo, a guy tried to tell me the other day that it was and to pull it off and just run the main air cleaner on top of the motor.

Wouldnt this just mean sucking red hot air from the manifold plus increase the chance of allowing dirt etc in??

Hope u can help
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Reply By: brett - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 20:53

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 20:53
the ideal situation is to lose the 2nd filter and fit a snorkel with ramhead.
Nice clean col air and forced induction.
They aren't just for crossing rivers.

good luck

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Reply By: boyco - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 21:33

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 21:33
I fitted a Safari Snorkel to my GQ and Toowoomba 4x4 removed the pre-cleaner as it is not required when running a snorkel as you are sourcing cleaner air anyway. I have never had and element in the cleaner box in the past three years before fitting the snorkel. The pre-cleaners were only fitted for about two years as they were too restrictive on the normally asmatic diesel, so Nissan stopped fitting them.
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Reply By: Member - Martyn (WA) - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 22:32

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 22:32
Agree with all the above, I've fitted a safari Turbo plus I have a safari snorkle, I removed the pre filter and fitted a Unifilter in the snorkle, works a treat, saves the cost of buying main air filters, or at least extends the life of them. Keep the shiny side up
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Reply By: Truckster (Vic) - Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 23:50

Tuesday, May 13, 2003 at 23:50
If you have a good look at the pipe at the bottom of the precleaner, (open it, remove filter) you will see the pipe is not 3inch round at the bottom like the rest of the pipe,, its 3inch wide, and 1/2 inch high...

Restrictive you would say????

mines going soon as I find some pipe to replace it with.

If you dont have the $ for a snorkel which lots dont, get some pipe to go from the Airbox, to where the inlet is now for air, and just can the precleaner.
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Reply By: David N. - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 08:48

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 08:48
Chucked the prefilter many years ago (normally aspirated).
There was, as a result
1 less black smoke
2 noticeably more power/torque (we measured this on a mates dyno)
3 noticeably better fuel economy

With a turbo, I suspect it would be even more important. It's all about air, and lots of it.
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Reply By: John Boy - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 09:26

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 09:26
I have an aftermaket turbo kit on my 4.2 GQ diesel. It is from Turbo Glide and they remove the big flat main air cleaner that sits on top of the engine. They use the round/vertical pre-cleaner as the main filter element. I have wondered whether this is more restrictive than to other type of air box but they claim that it flows more than enough air, they do have a K&N in the filter which flows better than most.
Looking at both filters the round pre-cleaner has twice the vertical height but a much smaller diameter. Overall there is a little bit less filtration area but it isnt that different.
I think that most of the restriction that people have mentioned may be due to the 'overkill factor' of having two air filters. Given that the big filter box sits over the motor and will be affected more by engine heat, does anyone think that the pre-cleaner on its own is that much worse?
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Follow Up By: Truckster (Vic) - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 11:26

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 11:26
Have a look at the pics here.


Pic #1, The precleaner is on the left of pic, the outlet is the center of pic, and then look how narrow that outlet is going into the larger pipe at the top right...

Pic #2, look at the thick pipe on the right going out of the side of the pic, thats the diameter of the inlet and outlet, but look at the bit at the bottom. NARROW...

Pic #3 look at the original airbox, and pipe. Now if you bypass the precleaner, and use the original airbox, you cant tell me it wont get more air flow?

Apparently Safari have a kit to get rid of the precleaner.

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Reply By: crfan - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 10:34

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 10:34
If you have a look at the later model Patrols the dont have the pre filter
I take them out of most of My mates cars that get serviced.
They are also to dear to be changing all the time.
Maybe fit it back in if you were going on a long run in lots of red dust.
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Reply By: David N. - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 12:30

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 12:30
Are you reading this stuff "oziexplorers"
Wasn't it you who disagreedwith me on an earlier post about chucking the prefilter!!!
I'm talking not from hearsay or such but experience - ie: been there, done that.
TWO paper filters are way too restrictive, and probably don't clean the air better than one as particles small enough to get thru #1 will do the same with the second filter.
The trick is to still get cool air from your snorkel or where ever- not air from on top of the engine. There are various ways of doing this- depends on your setup. It's just as important (or more so) with a turbo as they're consuming more air- even checked with the local fitter of DTS and Safari turbos who endorsed this view very strongly.
Perhaps you could fit your pre- filter when travelling in a convoy with bulldust- but the rest of the time it's bad news!
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Follow Up By: Flash - Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 13:08

Wednesday, May 14, 2003 at 13:08
Agree 1000%
(or is 100 as hi as ya can go??)
anyway like I said spot on!
(Turbo Diesel GQ TD42 LWB wagon 1993 and Lotsa kays!- Still goin strong!!)
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