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As most of you know my olds took delivery of a new Boroma in Nov 07 and have had a few issues. They have just come back from the first major trip from SEQld to the Kimberly regions. The van has not held up that well with all the previous issues on top.

And from their talking to other Boroma owners on the trip have found out that this is a common issue with said vans that they are sub standard for the cost.

Have any of you had issues with this product? Minor or Major so we can see where the issue may lay, is it just a one off pig or is there inherent issues with the van's under new management?

Like to hear you stories.

Regards, Camwill69
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Reply By: rossco - Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 20:24

Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 20:24
What sort of issues are you talking about? We bought a Baroma 18 foot in 2002 and it was wonderful. No issues whatsoever.Did 30000 K's and everything went perfectly. Sold it to become part of the ratrace again . Now counting the months until the youngest finishes school so we can roam again! Every one else that owned one seemed to be equally as happy, but that was 2002!
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Follow Up By: camwill69 - Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 07:43

Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 07:43
The issues are as follows.
1, Water tanks leak
2, Air bag suspension Failed
3, TV did not work
4, DVD player did not work
5, Shower leaks
6, Gvm incorrect.
7, Pipe work failed x 3 (flooding van)
8, Wrong colour kitchen installed
9, Electrical system failed
10, Front F/Glass moulding falling apart
11, Hole in roof patched with masking tape 300 x 300
12, Holes in external walls patched with silicone x 24
13, awning would not work.
14, Fridge would not work
15, table fell off wall
and on it goes.

Read the last line and I said new owners/ Management, back then when you bought yours the owners were different and had a good reputation and had some morals for quality. The two new owners and there silent partner have changed things.

Trying to gauge if this is a one off and the 2002 quality is still their or not.
I envy your position with imminent travel you look froward to.

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Reply By:- Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 21:17

Saturday, May 31, 2008 at 21:17
On the MSN Caravanners forum a guy paid 100K for a new Boroma, it was delivered with a long list of faults.

I think they put him up in accomodation for 3 weeks while they sorted through the problems
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Reply By: Flash - Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 22:22

Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 22:22
I was talking to a guy in Coonabarabran who was also not happy- expensive new Boroma (I think only some weeks old) but lots to be fixed on warranty.
I'd love to know how he goes a few months down the track- but sadly don't have his details.
When one spends that sort of money, one expects it all to work!
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Reply By: Member - Brett C (WA) - Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 23:22

Sunday, Jun 01, 2008 at 23:22
This is interesting.

My Dad has a Bushtracker and he too has had nothing but problems (very similar to this list), and with very poor after sales service.

He was considering swapping for a Boroma....sounds like its made by people with the same philosophy.

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Follow Up By: camwill69 - Monday, Jun 02, 2008 at 16:05

Monday, Jun 02, 2008 at 16:05
Hey Brett,
I would have to stand by Boroma with after sales service as it has been reasonable in the fact that they are happy to fix all the issue's, it's just that the list for a top $$$ van is to long, and as the RVMAA say, it does not matter if it goes back 100 times as long as they fix it no action is required by them.

And yes it does sound like the same philosophy, that of the RVMAA.
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Reply By: Peter (Boroma) - Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 10:06

Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 10:06

Unlike you I am not afraid to put my name up on this site. I don't usually bother with these types of sites which for the greater part are great for the travelling public. But when someone starts to personally attack the integrity of Boroma and more importantly my own integrity and morals then I become somewhat annoyed. What is more annoying is that when you have spoken to me personally none of these issues have been raised, you seem to find it much safer to go behind my back.
Enough said on that. The next issue is making sure your facts are correct otherwise things can come very close to slander.
1. Boroma is owned totally by myself (Peter Russell) and Judie Groves. There is no silent partner as you seem to believe. Furthermore we have both been with the company for quite a few years. I started on the 9th April 2001 as Production Manager then moved to sales and design manager in July 2002 and General manager in June 2004. Judie and I purchased the company shortly afterwards. Why did we purchase it? I'll tell you why, It certainly wasn't for the money nor any misconceived prestige. My personal reason for purchasing the company was loyalty. Loyalty to a great product, Loyalty to the staff members who worked with me at the time and still do, and thirdly loyalty to our valued customers in order to provide a continuity of service.
2. The hole 300 x 300mm hole in the roof you have referred to has been somewhat exaggerated as it was approximately 80 x 80.
Yes someone on our staff cut a hole in the wrong place, taped it up with masking tape and flow coated over the top of it. A totally unacceptable situation and repair job, However the person that did this shoddy job I suspect is someone that left shortly afterwards. I can assure you if I found out who actually did do it and they were still in our employment, they would be instantly dismissed.
Attached below is the email we received from your parents, the actual owners of this caravan. Not quite the same picture that you have painted..

(Dear Peter & Judi
As you are aware we have been travelling in our van since the 1st April 2008 and arrived home last Thursday 29th May 2008.
We wish to thank both you and Peter for arranging a plumber to inspect the water leak whilst at Mt Isa. You are no doubt aware that this is the second time the van has been flooded due to pipes not being correctly connected in the vanity recess.
During our trip other problems appeared which require attention in addition to having the vanity resealed correctly. I am aware that the Brisbane caravan show starts in the next few days and no doubt you are busy preparing for same and will not have the time to attend to our problems until after the show which is OK by us.
We are leaving for an overseas holiday on the 10th July 2008 and returning on the 9th August 2008 and would like to have the following matters attended to during that period.
1 Remove vanity bowl and repair fibre glass at right hand corner.
2 Toilet suite coming away from wall.
3 Table has come away from wall including cleats.
4 Grout fallen out of bottom of tiles around sink area.
5 Front fibre glass panel has several unsightly cracks.
We would like to drop the van to you for inspection with either yourself or Peter at least a week prior to leaving for overseas so as there is no misunderstanding as to what requires attention. This will give you five clear weeks to fix same.
We look forward to your reply on advising a date for such an inspection.

Signed: )

Finally Cameron, If Boroma, our staff or myself are found to come up short from time to time we will accept that on the chin. What I won't accept is underhand tactics intent on undermining our Business. I challenge you to find another caravan manufacturer that will go to the same extent to custom build that does not have similar minor problems, especially with the product we fit rather than product. Then there is the extent that we will go to to satisfy our customers, Sometimes well above the call of duty.

Next time you have a beef or gripe with us, have the common courtesy to at least discuss it with us first then if you don't get a satisfactory answer, then by all means go on record on a site like this with my blessing however if you do, make sure you get your facts 100% correct.

Should you wish to contact me regarding this please do so after the 11th as we have the caravan show to contend with and I will be totally committed to that.

Yours faithfully
Peter Russell
Boroma Pty Ltd.
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Follow Up By: Member -Dodger - Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 17:36

Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 17:36
At least the obviously faulty product will now be fixed.
I used to have a handle on life, but it broke.

Cheers Dodg.

Lifetime Member
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Follow Up By:- Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 18:32

Tuesday, Jun 03, 2008 at 18:32

Your campany has placed themselves in a position where unhappy customers are on occasion, going to be very vocal.

If you are attracting customers to caravans costing over $100K, and in some cases $140K, then surely they deserve yourself and your employees full attention.

Yes, mistakes / problems happen, but rather than wait for customers to find them, you should be completing in-process checks along the way, and providing written proof of these.

If you do really value your reputatiomay I suggest you take a leaf out of the books of the better industrial companies and improve the entire process.

It will save you money and angst,


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Follow Up By: Boobook2 - Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 14:01

Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 14:01

It is your business and you can run it how you like, but if you refer back to camwil69's original post, he was asking if what his parents had experienced was a one off or general issue. There were follow up posts both good and bad as usual on forums. IMHO this is a totally justifiable thing to do.

While you have a good point that issues have possibly been raised that you are not fully aware of yet, I think your response is totaly inappropriate and extremely poor business practice.

Firstly you argue details on one issue in a public forum with someone you say is not even the owner. Your justification for the fault is that a poor employee who may or may not still be there did it. SO WHAT!! IT IS YOUR COMPANY ISN'T IT?

Secondly you disclosed a users name, it is not your position to do so on this forum. Bad enough, but nothing compared with.....

Thirdly you published PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE from someone not even on this forum - your real customer according to you. You even published their name and dates when they are overseas. Heaven help you if they get burgled in that period.


If you felt that you were hard done by, a simple post from you asking that the person contact you as you feel that the issues were being addressed would have kept you company reputation intact.

As a result of your reply you have tried to keep your cpmpany's reputation intact at the expense of your customers rights and privacy.

You failed dismally.

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Reply By: Peter (Boroma) - Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008 at 07:29

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008 at 07:29
Thanks Rolande
We have never claimed to be perfect but do strive to get there.
Whenever something like this occurs we learn a bit more and with this ever changing industry there is always more to learn and more areas in which we can improve. Hindsight is a wonderfull thing and I take your comments onboard and thank you for your positive input.

Kind regards
Boroma Pty Ltd
Peter Russell
General Manager
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Follow Up By: Des Lexic - Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008 at 20:45

Wednesday, Jun 04, 2008 at 20:45
Peter, I do not own a caravan of any sort so I make my comments completely unbiased.
Rolande's comment were very positive and I am sure you will do well to take them on board.
Secondly, I am very pleased that you are willing to front the issues in public and not hide in the anonimity of your company. I commend you for this.
Thirdly, If I were to outlay such a large investment in a caravan, I'd be fairly annoyed that the van would have at least had some quality control practices employed or at least better quality checks performed.
Finally, I like many on this forum and many other forums, I choose not to use my real name in my signature for many reasons that I choose. In this world of the WWW, it is surprisingly easy to find one's identity if you choose to pursue it. I choose to be anonymous because I want to and I stand by my decission.
Des Lexic
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Reply By: camwill69 - Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 07:32

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 07:32

Firstly I am not afraid to put my name to any of the comments made above, all someone would need to do is ask for my name and contact details. Many people here know me by my user name and birth name and contact me by phone or e-mail which you have the same ability to do as you have both of these details but chose not to contact me regarding this post and went behind my back and sent an irate e-mail to the actual owners of the said van, my parents (as clearly stated above – My olds).

The hole in the roof had a masking tape patch measuring very close to 300x300 as stated above. I stand corrected if the hole was smaller as I only saw the masking tape patch that came off the hole. Still it was a hole patched with masking tape and flow coat that passed your quality control along with many other faults.

With regards to the picture that I painted and your posting of an e-mail from my parents to back up your story, feel free to post the other e-mails sent to yourself that you have failed to reply to, only when it comes to a public forum you chose to give sections of the information available to make your story stand up.

As you can see I have stood by Boroma in this public forum and said “I would have to stand by Boroma with after sales service as it has been reasonable in the fact that they are happy to fix all the issue's”. Need I say more.

The RVMAA will not publish the “CODE OF ETHICS” that member manufactures comply to, therefore all the buying public can go buy is general ethics of business making buying off a member of this organisation worthless.

I stand buy my comments above to be factual in my opinion. Nothing that has been said here has not already been said to Judie face to face, if you wish for me to relay all comments made to Judie to you I will be more than happy to go through it again with you or you could just ask Judie.

This was not a post to slander your business but to gauge public consent on your product, fact is not slander.

I see from your comments that you are more committed to selling vans than discussing issues so I will contact you after the 11th, or might catch up a the show.



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Reply By: Peter (Boroma) - Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 07:34

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 07:34
Hi Des Lexic.

Thanks for your comments. Everything has been taken on board from this and associated threads and where ever action is deemed or seen to be necessary action will be taken.
As for your annominity that is entirely your choice but I felt that I was being attacked personally so choose to tackle that head on.
Please don't get me wrong, For a majority of the time these sites are used for the purpose they were intended. The sharing and dissemination of information. Unfortunately they are sometimes also used for personal vendetta's and lead others into uninformed witch hunts. I also believe these sites do a fantastic job of keeping us on our toes and honest. My honesty and integrity has been challenged on here and if anyone want to do that face to face with me then bring it on as I have nothing to hide. (This is not a challenge to you Des just a chance to put it in.)
It seems the most horrifying point that started all of this was the hole in the roof which one of our staff members made, then covered with masking tape and flow coat. Unfortunately no amount of quality control would have picked this up. We would have noticed that there had been a patch but as the offender made it look good from the outside there is no way we would have known that it had not been glassed properly. Obviously this offender did not tell anyone else about what he had done and annoyingly I can't prove who did it but do suspect it was one trusted member in particular that left shortly afterwards. Can't say for sure but some of his other work from the last week of his tenure has also come back and bit me on the bum. Maybe I should have let him go when he handed in his notice but like I said he was a valued and trusted member of staff. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and despite numerous searches on google and ebay I can't seem to buy a pack of it anywhere.
Anyway gentlemen and ladies, I came on here as a visitor to answer an attack and have had my say. I have taken on board all comments, some I liked to hear and others I didn't but that's life. I will now bow out and leave you all to it. Thanks to all for your comments and for taking the time to read mine.

Yours faithfully
Boroma Pty Ltd.
Peter Russell
General Manager
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Reply By: JeffandAnn - Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 11:42

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 11:42
My wife and I purchased a Boroma last year (under the current managers) and we couldn’t be more pleased with it if we tried.

Admittedly there were a couple minor issues that needed to be rectified on the van but we expected that like any other similar construction with many bits and pieces there is always something that doesn’t perform as it should or unbeknown to management a lazy staff member tries to take a short cut and bogeys up a mistake. Most of our problems were not with the actual build of the van but with a couple of the electrical items fitted as they don’t use cheap appliances they were just as upset about the product as we were.

We found the after sales service to be excellent. Nothing was too much trouble. Everything we mentioned was fixed with a smile. The nice fellows at the factory even picked up a couple of other very minor flaws that we hadn’t noticed even after living in the van for the previous 6 weeks and fixed them too.

We have spoken to other boroma owners on our travels and haven’t come across any unenthusiastic feedback for either the product or the service as you mentioned. If anything it’s the opposite with the other owners like us being elated with their vans!

I can’t understand your problem, the van had faults but you said that boroma were happy to fix all the faults. It’s annoying that the caravan had problems, that’s life, the van was made by humans and humans make mistakes all the time. Surely you have more imperative things to fill your time than something that even you said has been fixed? There is just no pleasing some people.

This sounds like it a case of negativity breeding negativity? The very fact that you are stating that the new managers don’t have morals for quality and are asking us to notify you of any faults that we may have had with the same type of van tells us that you not only have your facts wrong because quality is something that we and other boroma owners have seen the management take very seriously but it also indicates that like a emblematic bully you’re looking for someone to back you up and justify your complaints. The sad thing is that if you bleat and gripe loud and often enough there is always someone who will be happy to join you.

Cameron (excuse my use of your name as I find your ‘forum name’ repugnant in the extreme) I think it’s about time that you woke up to yourself, I did a search and read your other posts re Boroma and you are coming across as a petulant young man with far too much time on his hands. I applaud Boroma’s response and feel that the gentleman was more than fair with you. You should be appreciative that he is evidently a person of principle and that he contacted your parents rather than a lawyer as I would have been inclined to have done. I would hazard a guess that Mummy and Daddy are none too pleased with the spiteful and immature way you determined to handle this situation; is it too much to ask that you conduct yourself like a man and accept responsibility for your actions?

Formulate it how you like but your posts are, in my judgment, mean spirited and libellous and if I were you I would be apologising and hanging my head in shame!

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Follow Up By: robak (QLD) - Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 14:52

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 14:52
Jeff and Ann

Welcome to the forum.

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Follow Up By: camwill69 - Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 17:01

Thursday, Jun 05, 2008 at 17:01
Jeff & Ann

All I asked for was open feedback and it is great to see that you have had a good experience which is what a forum is about - getting the whole story!

As you and others fail to comment on is the third post where I stood up straight away for Baroma when it was said or implied that Baroma was not fixing the issues. You just see the glass half empty and fail to make comment on the good points.

As for my user name. It was made under the direction ebay which advises you to use an abbreviation of your christian name and surname and the year you were born. Quite obviously at the time I did not have my mind in the gutter like you. Grow up and do not read things that are not said.

Nice post for a first time user - looks like rent a crowd.

I see you are happy to winge about the food at the camping and caravan show - what is the difference with your winging post, putting down someone else's business and my post asking for community feedback on a product - not attacking someone.

No apologies or shame here by me or my parents.

Great to hear a good news story about this product - this is what this forum is all about - the whole story.


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Follow Up By: robak (QLD) - Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 10:05

Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 10:05

Peter and Jeff are the same person.

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Follow Up By: camwill69 - Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 13:12

Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 13:12
robak that is a big call. I would have more faith in Peter than that.

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Reply By: Stu-k - Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 09:46

Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 09:46
For 100K+ I would have thought quality control would be paramount.
Your trading with people that expect high quality and should get it.

Shouldn't you have someone go over it with a fine tooth comb before delivery? I can`t see how they would miss the list of stuff that Camwill69 listed!

If it were my company I would have that van back quick smart and be fixing everything and doing my own defects list for the staff to fix, not waiting until the caravan/camping show is over(surly not all their staff is there)

Its a new world with the internet and people giving their real world comments, bad service travels fast.

Stu-k ( the K isn`t for kinky either)
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Follow Up By: camwill69 - Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 13:22

Friday, Jun 06, 2008 at 13:22
I will again say that it is not an issue with repairs not being carried out at all. They are quite reasonable in that regard. Arrangments have been made for repairs to be carried out at a time that suits Mummy and Daddy as in the past and as per the above e-mail posted by others (to suit Mummy and Daddy), so please do not take my original post as a complaint about issue's not being repaired. This has never been the case.

After sales service is not an/the issue.

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Reply By: AndrewX - Sunday, Jun 08, 2008 at 00:13

Sunday, Jun 08, 2008 at 00:13
I find it amazing that a manufacturer of an expensive van can having difficulty ensuring that plumbing is connected correctly and that a toilet suite and table are fixed correctly to walls.
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