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Here's your chance to comment on a couple of plans of management. Have your say - the BIG GREEN groups will - so have an input so that they are not closed off. I suggest being familiar with the trails in the areas - and provide comment on why it should be left open - strategic fire control line etc - suggest controlled access for those areas prone to damage perhaps etc

Anyway had a look at the National Parks web site in NSW these are for comment at present:

Near Port Macquarie:
Kumbatine NP and SCA
Tapin Tops NP

Down south a Draft plan of management is about to be prepared for the Far South Coast Escarpment Parks and the NP's are seeking advice etc The area conerned is the Monga NP, Deua NP, Wadbilliga NP, Gourock NP and Badja Swamps NR.

Also Guy Fawkes NP horse management plan is also for comment.

So make sure you tell everyone about these and provide comment - have your say !Cheers, Beddo
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Reply By: Member - Bruce (San Diego) - Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 02:29

Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 02:29

Do you know if there has been any moves to lighten the restrictions of photograghy in the national parks.

Probably a little known fact but you have to get a permit and pay a fee for any photography used for commercial purposes taken in National Parks. ie publishing photos in a book, calendar etc.

Just like the restrictions on "native lands"


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Follow Up By: Rick Blaine - Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 12:26

Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 12:26
Yes.. you are so right...I learned from bitter experience... I emailed some pics I took & the NPWS got very stroppy .. said that because I uploaded them into a public domain, despite not gaining financially, I was using the pics for commercial use...I got stroppier than they did and they have told me that they are having their legal department prepare a summons to have the matter dealt with in Court. I'm lucky one of my friends is a QC...he cant wait to take them on based on the legal premise that though the NPWS may have this rule in place they are not the owners of the National Park merely the custodians acting for the ratepayers of NSW... should be an interesting day in court.
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Follow Up By: Jeff (Beddo) - Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 22:18

Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 22:18
Unfortunately state govt's give National Parks basically nothing as they do not see it as a priority. Executives siting in grand palaces (people who never see the National Parks, sit in the middle of Sydney etc) make up policies such as 'USER PAYS'. Whereas Forestry get their income from the timber and can provide free camping, National parks are gaining their running costs from the users, the public. I cannot believe the one on photography, a bit tight if you ask me as is those parking ticket boxes every where in parks around NSW. I would love to compare the costs of maintaining these ticket boxes with all the vandalsim and the fees associated with staff putting user fee reminder tickets on your windows - and compare with either no fees or a donation system; there would be less vandalism, greater public relations, park staff could be put to weed eradication and other ecosystem beneficial tasks.
Well I guess if you take photos of well known land marks in parks you will have to pay. That will be an interesting Court session that's for sure. If you have issues with National Parks write to the Local National Park Advisory Committee (made up of community members), issues will then be discussed with the Regional Manager of the area. Writing to Minister etc you will get a response - not from the Minister but from the staff back at the local level - you can try it but I would go via the advisory committees.
Public liability has also seen several visitor facilties closed as funds are not available to maintain these. It is a tight world we live in - maybe National Parks could look into corporate sponsorship of sites such as Garden Island, walking tracks etc - with a small corporate logo provided on signs etc or even media coverage of sponsorship etc. National Parks do accept sponsorship but it is restrictive - you would not like the words NIKE across the Sydney Harbour Heads for example.
How does the USA afford the running of there parks, is it all commercial or what. The 4WD & motor bike trails etc - how do they afford to maintain these - I suppose with a population that large you can as there will be more taxes coming in.
Hopefully sense will prevail in the future - a balance for all in use of the parks, especially with more state forests going to national parks maybe there should be a classification which is basically the same as a state forest which permits access by all, but simply excludes logging. I must admit though vehicles using the parks should be registered - my mate is paying injury costs to a bloke he hit on a motorcycle - and guess what my mate was in the right but he was uninsured, the other guy was insured (law backed the insured guy as he was illegally able to ride there).
I could keep going but I'll stop. Cheers, Beddo
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Reply By: colin - Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 08:58

Saturday, Jan 10, 2004 at 08:58
have found from past experience NP dont listen to the general public when it comes to closure of tracks and forests, they do as they please. Being a member of an affiliated 4wd club gives a greater voice . Here in QLD a number of forests have been closed and the only way in is through the club and only with small groups of people.I can see why the closures when you go to a pristine area and see the rubbish left behind.I always come home from camping with more rubbish than i went with, even if its not your rubbish pick it up as soon we will have all tracks and forests closed to every one except walkers. Col
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Reply By: Member - Paul T- Sunday, Jan 11, 2004 at 07:06

Sunday, Jan 11, 2004 at 07:06

Who are the major green groups?. I sometimes think they seem a bit faceless, you know a bit like the mafia, working behind the scenes and all that.

If you recognise the truck you may recall we met a Big Yango recently. Thanks for your info on that day.

C heersPT
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Follow Up By: Jeff (Beddo) - Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 19:44

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 19:44
Paul, hope you enjoyed it there.

The major green group behind the wilderness moves and so on is the Colong Foundation. Access to the limits of 2WD only then walk !
I personally believe open slather on bushland is not appropriate, because then you will have users making own tracks, unregistered vehicles, dumping rubbish in remote areas, bush rocking etc. There has to be a balance.
Public liability is a major issue now days - if a 4WDer rolls and hurts themselves on a rough trail - will they sue the gov't ? I think things like this have the govt running sacred.
Also uncontrolled use of trails - who maintains them, who control soil erosion etc - the govt is responsible for protecting catchments etc and if they have not got the money to do so - what do you think they do. So the Big question is where do the govt depts find the money, labour etc. Surely everyone is not going to say increase park fees to permit more trails being opened up ?Cheers, Beddo
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