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Submitted: Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 06:44
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Hi Guys
Anyone had problems with the 3lt deisel engine light.
Mine came on about a week ago. nissan reckoned it was a dirty air filter which they changed. everything was OK drove from Sydney to the central coast all week no trouble, followed another vechicle for a couple of K's on a dirt track yesterday on she comes again.
Turn the motor off and it seems to reset for a time than back on again, engine seems to run Ok with a loss of power, drove down this morning light came on about four times, but no problem getting to work.
Will book the car in again this morning, but as the service people don't seem to talk to each other and am looking for some info
Cars done 146000k's
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Reply By: Member - Lex - Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 08:49

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 08:49

Had the same problem during outback trip last year.Turned out I picked up some dirty fuel from the bottom of the tank at Hungerford. Changed the fuel filter and all was well.
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Follow Up By: Member - Terry- Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 09:06

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 09:06
Have checked the fuel, clear as a bell. engine still runs smooth so have dicounted fuel problem
Thanks anyway
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Reply By: ExplorOz Team - David - Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 12:32

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 12:32
I was travelling in a group that had the same thing happen and it was in fact a clogged fuel filter. If you have not changed it I would suggest that you do this regardless of how clean the fuel appears.Regards
ExplorOz Team - David
Always working, not enough travelling ;-)
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Follow Up By: Member - Terry- Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 13:36

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 13:36
Thanks David
Changed the fuel filter before i took it in the first time, but I'll do it again just in case
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Reply By: jeff-wa - Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 15:03

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 15:03
There is a problem with the EGR Valves on the 3.0l Engine. My bosses 2001 3.0l (only done 20k) has just had it reaplced. Nissan had it 3 times of the last month. When it first came on they told him it was a dirty filter, charged him $300 plus for a service... (rude). Then it was worse after that, took it back again they said they changed the EGR valve and it wasn't the problem. Had it for a week, gave it back to him with no change... Then he took it back again because it started loosing power at 100km/h instead of just at take off. They then told him that the EGR valuve fell to peices in the mechanics hand when they took it out and that it was the problem all along. (nice job checking it the first time nissan...) You'll probally find that the truck blows a fiar bit of black smoke when taking off from a stand still too when there is no power.
Been speaking to a few other 3.0l owner and they reckong they have all had their EGR valves replaced under warranty (obivously a problem with them) but only after hassels with nissan as it is a $600 part and they don't like changing them if they don't have too. Good luck at don't take any crap from em!!
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Reply By: fourby - Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 16:30

Monday, Jan 12, 2004 at 16:30
I do not want to alarm you, but that is exactly what happened to me when my engine blew up at xmas.
The engine light came on,I drained the fuel filter,the light went off.
Assumed dirty fuel(water) as light went out when drained and restarted.
This happened 3 times then the light came on again, the pistons failed.
Nissan dealer confirmed pistons 3 and 4 melted.
If yours is a 2000/2001 there is every chance that you are heading for trouble,the loss of power would be consistant with loss of compression.
I really hope I am wrong,best of luck.
How Nissan can avoid recalls on these early models, and continue to sell them as second hand with this known fault is beyond me.
If you get a copy of the motoring section of the herald/sun(melbourne) from last friday you will see a letter and reply on just these failures.
Currently I am still negotiating on an engine replacement for my vehicle that had only travelled 117000 km.
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Follow Up By: Member - Terry- Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 07:03

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 07:03
Just a question
Is your patrol man or auto, just wanted to know as all the vechicles i know that have had engine failure seem to be autos.
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Reply By: fourby - Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 10:11

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 10:11
My Patrol was a 2000 model auto.
But the auto should have no bearing on the engine failure,in fact the auto should protect the engine from overloading by poor driving practices.
The fault is the piston quality and the lubrication ,or lack of,to the area.
my information is that the current engine has had 22 modifications to overcome these problems.
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Follow Up By: Member - Terry- Wednesday, Jan 14, 2004 at 07:30

Wednesday, Jan 14, 2004 at 07:30
Hi Fourby
I agree that auto should have no bearing on the problem, it's just that all the engine failures I know of have been auto's.
Got a call from nissan yesterday and they reckon my problem is the injector pump, rebuild for between $1800 + $2500 won't get it back till next friday so we'll see what happens than, if the light comes on again I'll be visiting them with a sledge hammer.
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Reply By: Mick - Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 10:21

Tuesday, Jan 13, 2004 at 10:21
My fathers car has had this problem for 1 year now, and just solved it.
As it was out of warranty, we never bothered!
The power loss and turbo lag became so bad we had to fix it.
It was a dog on take off, then at 2500 rpm, it took off when the boost cut in, which shouldnt happen, as it has nev variable turbo pitch, which means boost should be constant right through the rev range.
After changing the fuel filter it seemed to go away, but a month later would come on again, or when stomping it up a big hill.
We checked all the fault codes ourselves by counting the flashes on the dash by shorting a terminal out under the dash, which you can do as well, just get a gregorys manuel, and its step by step.
The throttle sensor and pressure sensor came up, but when we stripped and tested them they were fine.
Jason from Nissan in Granville came to our rescue, and said the actual turbo might be the problem, as theyve changed several already.
He plugged his computer in and couldnt find any problems.
We took a stab in the dark and changed the AIR FLOW SENSOR, and guess what, it spun the wheels again!
No computer would pick up the fault with the sensor.
If your trucks still under warranty, get them to change it, as we havent bought a new sensor yet, and are working on getting it under warranty, as ours is out.
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