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After 13 years and a couple of hundred thousand kms around this wonderful country, Googs Track would rate up their as one of the best. It is so different to any other treks in Australia. The actual scenery, with sandhills, Mt Finke, the Salt Lake, scrub and lots and lots of red sand is all so beautiful. We did the track from North to South and only got bogged once [our own fault for not getting enough momentum on our approach]. We did the track over 3 days and explored heaps. We turned off at Iron Knob, went to Mt Ide [another great place] on our way to Tarcoola. The story of Goog & Dinger is inspirational - such a shame they both died at such young ages and didn't get to enjoy the fruits of their labour for very long. I wonder what they would think if they knew how popular and well used their track has become. Because we did it from north to south, we had to be quite particular about safety. A flag and radio are essential. There was a recommended radio channel - think it was 18. We called over our radio every 30 minutes to give our approximate location for people to watch out for us. We also had our radio on scan in case we picked up anyone else so that we could look out for them. There is potential for 300 possible head-ons, so hence the safety issue. We met a couple with two little kiddies on their way from Sydney to Broome with NO radio & NO sat phone. The only other person we saw was at the start of the track fitting a fishing rod to the back bumper bar with 100 mile and hour tape that they had put a piece of colourful fabric on. When I pointed out that the flag wasn't going to work on the rear as it would be horizontal and near the ground at the apex of every dune, I apparently knew nothing! Maybe they were going to reverse up 300 dunes?? If you are an avid adventurer, Googs Track is a must. NSW NOMADS
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