Balladonia Track and across the Nullabor

Monday, Oct 19, 2015 at 11:28

Navigator 1 (NSW)

10th-14th October

From Esperence we decided to take the ‘long’ short cut up the Balladonia Track. The first leg was from Esperence along Fisheries Road to Condingup. It was then north up Parmango Road through farmland then eventually The Great Western Woodland, the largest remaining area of intact Mediterranean Woodland on Earth – 16 million hectares (so the sign said). After 195km we arrived at ‘Deralinya’, an Historic Homestead, established in 1890.

Tim, the owner of the homestead for last 20 years, was onsite for a 2 day break. He showed us around the homestead, which is available for use by passing travellers, and filled us in on its history. This information was passed on to us over a cup of tea on the front verendah. We were shown the nearby dam and decided that that would be an excellent campsite for the evening.

Pressing on we found the side track was a far smoother run than on the limestone track. The picture doesn’t look too bad but I can assure you, it was rough! We were down to 20-40km/h.

Some 13km approx. further on, we joined the Balladonia track coming in from the south. It was a slow journey north but eventually we reach Balladonia on the Eyre Highway.

At Eyre we took the track down toward the water and the old Eyre Telegraph Station. It was great to return and see that the sand had not completely covered the ruins. Our favourite campsite, just around the corner, was still available, so was set up for the evening. Once again, ‘Oink’, the Ozpig, came out of his box and it was another delicious roast.

The old Jetty in front of the station was revisited. Just imagine waiting for your supplies to come in by ship!

Along the Nullabor we stopped off at a lookout for coffee and to take in the view. It was then off to Fowlers Bay Conservation Park for a night on the beach.
We intended staying a second night but we had no shade and the temperature soared to 43 degrees. We decided it would be best driving with the air con on.

So, we crossed over the clay pan and into the little township of Fowlers Bay. The weather was not improving as we made our way to the Eyre Highway and onto the old race track at Penong. Things did not improve. It was just one of those freak days when the heat continues right into the night.
We stayed inside with the house air con on. Outside the flies were in their thousands, not to mention the large flying ants.

In the morning the temperature was back to a pleasant 25 degees so we continued our journey to the Quaranteen Station at Ceduna. With no fruit or uncooked vegetables we passed on through and off on another adventure down a small section of the west coast of the Eyre Peninsular.
The outback calls
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