the stars have aligned and finally, she has experienced the thrill, hooked forever!

Tuesday, Apr 21, 2009 at 00:47


well, Renee and I have been together since high school, over 16 years.
when she met me I was a mad surfer and still am, and I am chomping at the bit for my 3 yr old to get in the water with me and have a surf!

so imagine my surprise when Renee comes to me and says I want to learn to surf!

I was like, yeh yeh, I've been hassling you for years and always got the myriad of excuses, it's too cold, I'm not fit enough,I can't see properly with my contacts, you always get grumpy teaching me new sports.

Bought her a new steamer(wetsuit) - no more cold
She is on a new fitness program - perfect, surfing will tone up those arms
She had laser treatment- no more contacts
And I booked her into surf school - no frustration from me!

Now I love my wife more than life itself, but honestly she is incredibly unco. 2 left feet, and flippers for hands!!!
Pardon the pun, but I now stand corrected. She stood up on a board today first lesson and all!

she came out of the water with a huge smile and is positively hooked!
and it only took me 16 years!
on ya spunk!!!!!

Despite the cost of living, have you noticed how popular it remains!
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