Victorian High Country Trip

Saturday, Jan 02, 2010 at 01:00

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After Retiring I decided that I would try Four Wheel Drive Adventuring and become a Grey Nomad on LLLL'S.On my return from the Explore Oz St George Annual Gathering and meeting up with so many new friends, especially On Patrol and Toni, I decide to look further into joining a 4x4 Club. An invitation to join a trip to the Victorian High Country was to good to turn down. I met up with a few members of the Rare Breed 4X4 Club en route at Wodonga and then on to Bright the next morning, meeting up with the rest of the members making the trip. In the afternoon we travelled by convoy out of Bright and headed up onto the Dargo high Plains Road. The Xtrail and Tvan made an easy run up the steep mountain road and onto the gravel, where we made good time until we were slowed owning to low cloud until we reached the road to Talbotville. This was my first experience of really steep down hill driving with the Tvan. I took it steady and arrived at the camp site safe and sound. The following nine days were an eye opener to me. With the hospitality of the Rare breed Members. I found that it was going to difficult to traverse this type of country in the Xtrail. It was my first attempt, so I decided that this would have to be a look and learn trip. The experience gathered from travelling with members of this group turned out to be a real eye opener. "Blue Rag" and "The Pinnacles" were the high lights of the trip. After nine days around the Camp Fires, I enquired about joining the Rare Breed 4wd Club. Well I thought this mob were kindly folk. I soon found out that it would be harder than I thought. The first requirement was as I found out, was to get a proper 4X4. Discussion around the camp fire, turn to what sort of money are you looking at. Money, that's no problem. Suggestions were put forward. How about a Prado, How about a Patrol, How about a Hummer.Oh! to get back home and line up something with Low Range. Our camp site at Talbotville could only be described as, home away from home, with piece and quiet thrown in. There were other groups arriving for overnight stops and three or four other camper spread around the site. Thanks everyone for a fantastic time and the camaraderie throughout the nine days around the Victorian High Country. After arriving home, I had a look around the Dealers and finished up with this fantastic deal on the JEEP Wrangler. Seemed a good price but then I need some extras. Look in wallet and then have a serious talk to the Minister of Finance. The Minister of Finance is not interested in Camping or four wheel driving, so I turn out that I am on my own.


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