Cape York via Simpson Desert 15 June 2015 – Day 14

Monday, Jun 15, 2015 at 18:33

Peter Beard (WA)

Just a very short blog today following an easy 450km "transport section" from Cloncurry to Karumba on the eastern side of the Gulf of Carpentaria. No rain today, just sunshine, a few clouds here and there, easy bitumen and lunch at the Burke and Wills Roadhouse. A real pleasure after yesterday's 700+km marathon from Birdsville through the rain, gravel and dark. It was worth it, there aren't really many places to stop between Birdsville and Cloncurry.

So a short blog today for a short trip. Not far out of Cloncurry we found our first abandoned car for days, an old VW Kombi sitting forlornly in a field, probably where it finished up after a crash. When the radio reception ran out we listened to old Roy and HG shows from their Triple J halcyon days, a brilliant laugh even if the sport they are talking about happened in 2008.

The landscape slowly changed to tropics, trees more abundant - lots of gums and bushes; a riot of bird life - galahs, finches, hawks and eagles. Also lots of road kill - kangaroos, cows and an unfortunate horse. Normanton appeared mid-afternoon, the photo of the big crocodile a must. It’s okay, we didn’t get out of the car so no nobody saw us.

When Pete tried to log our position and condition with VKS-737 on arrival at Karumba he couldn't get a response. Even though we had Charters Towers base loud and clear they couldn't hear us. Pete suspected a microphone failure so pulled the mic apart and, sure enough, a broken wire. This is the first trip ever Pete hasn't packed a soldering iron, so naturally the first time we have needed one, So it was an email to the VKS-737 head office to advise them we were alive and well and to log us off. Pete will get hold of a soldering iron in Cairns and hopefully fix the problem.

We are at the End of the Road Motel (very nice accommodation) about to enjoy sunset, beers and a meal at the Sunset Tavern next door. Tomorrow we are taking the Bourke Developmental Track and probably a night in the tent as we make our way towards Cairns for a couple of days R & R.


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