A day out in the bush, thanks LROCWA

Monday, Mar 17, 2014 at 22:23

Hugh D (WA)

Sunday we went for a bush run with the LROCWA. Kevin had the track all sorted out and all we had to do was follow along. Most of the trip was on made tracks or sealed roads. This was in part due to more of the country around Perth being closed off to 4x4. The reason given is Die Back. Apparently this is spreading so reducing access is the way to prevent it spreading. Such a shame as we are blessed with wonderful bush, good tracks and so close to the city.
Still all good and a fun day out with fellow 4x4bys.

Experimenting with adding a video. Would appreciate a comment if it works. Thanks.

If unable to view go to Youtube and enter yVn458oDPdQ.

Not sure why it is showing as private.

Hugh Dorey
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