Cape York or Bust 30th May Hamilton Hotel Rest Area to The Oasis Roadhouse

Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 14:13

Hugh D (WA)

From/ To Today = Hamilton Hotel Rest Area to The Oasis Roadhouse The Lynd
Km travelled today = 766 km
Fuel cost at Middelton Hotel $1.90; Winton $1.659; Hughenden $1.75; Lynd Oasis Roadhouse $1.709
High Points = The ever changing scenery, yes again, still in awe.
The night sky and morning sun rises.
Low points = Some of the roads
Not being able to read a map!
Our early start has paid off with stopping early for the day and enjoying the sun set. The road through to Winton was mostly single lane bitumen through changing scenery. We started in flat open country with limited trees. This changed through hills and wooded areas. On to Hughenden through equally interesting country. The road through to the Lynd was more challenging with sections of bitumen and sections of gravel. The gravel varied from smooth and fast to hang on tight as the road bucked and jumped beneath you. The scenery was again changing to heavily wooded and hilly, not dissimilar to the South West of WA. The cattle look much fuller in this area with some having the energy to run down the road in front of me. With the early start I travelled slower to avoid any animals. Well kangaroos, kangaroos and more kangaroos. Grey ones, red ones, big ones like BIG and small ones. Early in the day, eagles so full from feeding on road kill they almost waddled into flight. A few dead pigs, glad they are not my victims or I there’s. Oh did I mention the kangaroos, um yes. To end a good day I make an incorrect map reading and find I am on the wrong road so stop at the first possible camp spot for the night and to realign my directions. Tomorrow into Cairns and a couple of rest days. I will add pictures then to better show the trip.
Hugh Dorey
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