Cape York or Bust 24th June - Perth

Tuesday, Jun 24, 2014 at 18:15

Hugh D (WA)

My final ramblings to wit.

As I am having issues with adding photos to the ExpoloOz web site I am uploading to Please follow this link and enjoy the pics. Oh I will be adding to the album over the next weeks or so, so visit again soon.

Final wrap up of the trip.
Bazza, a 2006 Land Rover 110 Defender. He is fitted out with a roof top tent, Foxwing awning, 75ltr water tank, 100ltr auxiliary fuel tanks, front and rear air diff locks and engine chip. Shod with BF Goodrich KM2 MT standard size tyres with two spares.
Distance travelled 13,831Km.
Fuel used 1,667ltr. Cost $2,995.02
What worked-
Anything supplied by Land Rover, not a drop of oil, water or other fluid used. The only dust in the vehicle was from me leaving the front vents open on dusty roads.
BF Goodrich tyres, made the trip better handling high pressure on bitumen or lower pressures on gravel with consummate ease.
Galaxy roof top tent, wind and rain did not penetrate the tent to prevent a good night’s sleep.
HEMA5 GPS navigator. If I chose not to follow it I was to blame for having to turn around and I always knew where I was.
Memory Map on Toshiba Satellite Pro, just kept on tracking.
Fridge freezer – Easu Cool brand, an EBay purchase did not miss a beat.
Tyredog pressure monitor. Pressures varied from my gauge and servo gauges but alarmed when high.
Sat phone, worked when I needed it most.
Tuff storage boxes, dust and moisture kept out of everything.

What did not do the job-
UHF radio aerial cable. A new cable installed before leaving but a loop left behind the front LH wheel and rubbed through.
Power inverter. Intermittent fault due to dust or heat.
Dash cam. Would not record then started to record but finally died around Birdsville.
Epic fail, PRT ground anchor. Would not grab in dry black loam or loose mud. Let me down very badly.

This has been an interesting trip. I have seen the sun rise across my bonnet, had the sun sink as it slid down beside me. I have watched the moon rising, the stars peep out from behind the clouds and marvelled at the array of stars on clear nights. Sun filled days where few but enjoyed to the max. Showers, rain and tropical rain all played a part in the eventual trip outcome. The roads have been from flat fast black top to gravel roads with ravens streaked across them. Gravel roads so wet they only wanted you to dance in the mud. Roads where I have driven for hours and not seen another human being, roads where the armada of caravans going in both directions made we wonder if anyone was left at home. Scenery that changed with every Km, from tall strong trees to wide open plains where the grass was the tallest plant, rock filled moon scapes to tropical rain forest lust and fruitful. Cattle grazing on dirt and looking the best in the land to crops tall and proud swaying in the breeze. Water that tasted so sweet any town would drink it up with glee. Beaches so inviting but not safe to swim in to seas blown white by the wind. This is a vast and varied land with roads inviting you to travel down them. The people I have been privileged to meet, to share their lives for only a moment, to hear their travel stories, their happy moments or sad stories of personnel tragedy, what a wonderful experience. I only came across one accident and that when nearly home. During the trip no animals were killed but sadly three birds gave their lives to be stars on the dash cam. Would I do it again? Yes, but not alone. I have learned a lot about myself and the people in my life.
A very big thanks to those who shared and supported me over this journey.
Hugh Dorey
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