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Monday, Jul 01, 2013 at 16:31

Hugh D (WA)

Planning under way for a trip to Tamala station. Located on the west side of Shark Bay, the area has calm waters. It has been a while since I was up there so hoping not too much has changed.
Only have two nights so will be a push.

Booked. $15.20 per night per person.
We are able to take our dog so very pleased.

Returning to work after a wonderful weekend on Tamala has taken some time to adjust, but we have to pay the bills. Our trip.
We left Perth around 0700 and drove to Eneabba for a fuel top up. Our dog (Ruff) needed a pit stop so it worked out well. As it was also lunch time a good time to straighten the bones and have a short walk.
Pushing on we make good time and call in at Hamelin Pool to view the stromatolites. Very interesting if you are into history of the earth. A little further up the road is the turn off to Steep Point and Tamala. After 46km of reasonably good dirt road we are at the gate. The station and office are on the left side but further on is Boorabuggatta peninsular where we are going to stay.

Our booking was for Tea Tree point as Honeymoon Bay was taken. Luckily the booking for Honeymoon bay was cancelled so off we head. The track into Honeymoon bay, which is at the top end of the peninsular is easy going all be it slowly, many twists and turns. when we eventually arrive, about 30 minutes from the locked gate, a wonderful site awaits us. The camp site is private and right on the beach.

We set up camp while the midgies enjoy us for dinner. No flies though so a bonus. After changing into full cover we finish setting up and stop to enjoy the setting sun. Friday ends with a hot meal and a glass of wine.

Saturday I awake in time for the sun rise, the water is a little choppy with a breeze sliding in over the bank behind us.

Our piece of paradise affords us a day of relaxing, walking to the waters edge, 10 meters away, reading and sleeping. We have sun shine all day but not burning with little or no wind, magic. For the evening we walk over to the next beach to watch the sun set. We are the only ones here, this is magic. After another still evening, enjoying the many stars we sleep soundly. Saturday ends.

Sunday is home day so we pack up and reluctantly leave. We tried all sort of reasons to stay another day but none stacked up so home we head.

Our trip took us nearly 800km north of Perth, drive time with stops around 8 hours, enjoyment factor 110%. Would we do it again? In a flash but two days stop would be better.

EOTrackMe recorded the points on the way but I have issues with uploading to the site. When these are sorted I will add a note on here.

Until the next trip, stay safe and warm.

Hugh Dorey
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