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23rd August

Today is the day I get to kiss Wal on the tip! After doing my womanly duties that you just can’t get away from we were on our way. Stopped at the Croc Tent to get our Cape York souvenirs and map. We decided to head to Somerset, stopped in at the Albany pass and had a look then the beach drive before we got to the tip. Nice drive around there even though it was a howling easterly, lunch in the forest then up we go. I can’t get over how nice the bush is up here, wasn’t what I was really expecting, it’s still like a rain forest.
Got to the beach at the tip still a few bus loads of people there. We walked around the beach to the tip, yay I got to kiss Wal, we had some selfies then we climbed up the top and placed a rock each on the cairn and then back to the car. It was rather windy up there but lovely. So glad that we decided to continue on with our original plan.
Took the short cut through the goat track to Punsand Bay, another good track, deffinatly a dry weather track. Stopped in for a couple off the wood at the caravan park there. It’s a lovely location, lots of tress and a sandy beach but think it costs a bit more than where we are. Collected some wood on our way back then came across an unfortunate fellow who had lost his front wheel, lent a hand then on our way.

24th August

Not a real busy day today, off to see the old planes from the war. So much history around here. Couldn’t find the Kittyhawk that was marked on the map but found the others. Called through Seisia, had a walk on the wharf, the ocean was alive with bait fish. Thought we would take the kids fishing so we headed out to a small river mouth but I wouldn’t have called it that, more like a trickle so we took them back to the wharf but as we got there the barge was just pulling in to be loaded so no fishing today. They just cast a line out the front of camp and had there fishing fix.

25th August

Up early and off on the Ferry across to Thurday Island. The boat ride was ok, much better outside for me, not the best seaman. Had a quick tour around Green Hill, the cemetary then across to Horn Island. So much more history there but the tour was a bit quick. Horn Island was great too, had lunch and a look around the museum then off to see the trenches air port and a plane wreck. Information overload, but was very interesting just a shame we wern’t staying longer so we could do it our leisure. Back on the little ferry then on the big one and back to the main land. Would have liked to had a look at a few shops while we were there, but I guess thast means we couldn’t spend any money. The boat ride back was a lot rougher, so definately out the front. The kids loved it boucing over the waves and getting wet with the odd splash, even I didn’t mind but if I’d been inside I’m sure I would have been sick.
Off to Weipa tomorrow with a swim at Fruit Bat Falls along the way.

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