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Tuesday, Oct 08, 2013 at 20:02

Stephen L (Clare) SA

Hi Everyone
As promised, I have followed up today on where you can get Auto Skin or the like. I contacted every place that I was given leads to follow up and can report on the following.

I contacted TJM in Adelaide, and yes they have a product they they brand themselves and he thought it was Scratch Pro at $70 per litre.

I contacted Goop Guys and they have given the product rights to Protectit Auto.

I contacted Protect A Window up in Queensland and the person here in SA that has the product has not returned my queries.

Now for the Great News......... I contacted Rod from Protectit Auto up in Queensland and he was very helpful. They have taken over the product from Goop Guys, but have renamed the product Offroad and Touring and is available in the following size containers

1 litre @ $53

2 litres @ $87

4 litres @ $147 plus freight to where ever you live.

Rod was alway telling me the his family business are real car enthusiasts and take great pride in the quality products that they sell. He also mentioned that they are improving the product even more and a new and improved product should be on the market in around 6 months. So for those that are like me and are after a quality product, here are Rods contact details:

Protectit Auto Phone 1300 044 000

for all email enquires:

Ask for Rod and he will be able to help you out.

Happy travelling out in the Bush and keep your paint protected.

Here is the very latest PDF on their details.


Smile like a Crocodile
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