Flood damage on the Stuart Highway north of Port Augusta.

Sunday, Feb 20, 2022 at 16:21

Stephen L (Clare) SA

When remnants of ex Tropical Cyclone Tiffany struck many Outback locations across South Australia in late January 2022, some locations received hundreds of millimetres of rainfall that has caused millions of dollars damage to infrastructure, closing the main railway link to the Northern Territory and Western Australia for nearly a months and closing the Stuart Highway at Glendambo to all traffic for over two weeks.

North of Port Augusta and south of Pimba on the Stuart Highway is a small watercourse named the Woocalla Creek that very rarely ever sees water, let ever any run off from the surrounding country.

For the first time when records have been held, this so called creek showed what happens when nature unleashes the power of water.

This section of road will cost millions of dollars to repair, with the deepest section of road washed away at nearly 3 metres deep.

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