Perth - Peterborough - Day 2

Sunday, Dec 19, 2004 at 11:15

ExplorOz - David & Michelle

My day begun as I expected with a midnight call for breast milk at 12.30am. (Note, you will see from the photos that David and I sleep in a swag outside the tent so when I get up, I need a chair and light for comfortable feeding and settling the baby inside the tent). My next wakeup call was surprisingly, not from one of the kids, but the sun at 5.15am. The kids slept in until 7am giving us time to fix Problem No. 5 - a flat tyre (small stake). We carry two spare tyres on rims so simply switched one over and was able to depart camp at 7.30am.

At 8am we noticed the turnoff to Boondi Rock and went to investigate. The turnoff is well marked and leads 3km into the bush to a huge campsite, some interesting things to see, and a nice dam to camp alongside.

This trip we are marking waypoints of just about everything - PBays, PBays with campsites, points of interest, etc. Although we are on a mission to reach Sydney within 8 days, we are still ensuring that places like Boondi Rock are marked. On our return, we will add these to PointPlace™ for others to download.

The day progressed in what we call a "tar blast". So, just before 9am we passed through Coolgardie, 10am at Widgiemooltha and then stopped for a long lunch at Balladonia roadhouse (diesel $1.50) before pushing on across the "longest straight stretch in Australia 146.6km", through Caiguna where we crossed the Central Time Zone and had to advance watches 45minuutes. This is when you appreciate the early morning start. We continued on past about 45km east of Cocklebiddy (about 50km west of Madura) to a bush camp behind a P-bay.

Dinner tonight on open fire. Leah had the non-spicy version of our meal, which was sausages with a freshly cooked spicy sauce made from tomatoes, chilli, a slurp of wine, and fresh garlic with last nights left over roasted pumpkin and potato mashed together.
David (DM) & Michelle (MM)
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