A Sunday Arvo of exploring the area

Sunday, Apr 13, 2008 at 19:11

Sir Kev

I had a few hours to kill this afternoon before the Broncos were on Telly thrashing the Knights, so I suggested to Sam that we go for a drive.
With the kids strapped in and an open mind we set off to check out a few track that I had found in the work ute but not game enough to try them out due to having to turn around previously.

The kids were keen to get off the black top and we headed up to a spot that overlooked the Calliope river behind Beecher. I pulled over at the top of the rise and locked the hubs in and Sam just groaned, saying that she thought we were just going for a leisurely drive ha ha ha

This is one track that I am glad that I hadn't ventured down in the Falcon ute as it was quite steep and very loose. The track was cut to service the power lines and as a result was not maintained. The erosion has been quite severe and you needed to pick the right line as to miss judge it would result in going over the edge.

Both kids enjoyed it until I suggested that now we were at the bottom that I didn't know where the track went so we would have to go back the way we came.
The views in the decent were spectacular and I will have to go back and take a few photos to share. One the return trip we came across 2 dirt bikes going a great rate of knots in their decent. As the track is very close (Darkie has a couple of new scratches:)) I had to wait for them to pass in a wider section of track for which they were appriciative. I don't think they expected me to be heading for them as they washed a heap of speed of as they realised I was there.

The trip up was slow and steady so as not to stuff it and have to reverse back down for a 2nd go.

This track I would rate better than all the tracks we did in the Pyrenees last year. I am very glad that I don't have the Triton any more as it would not have made it. At the base of the track is a very good fishing spot from what I have been told by the neighbours.

For the amount ofrock that was on the track dare I say it the Cooper ST's have not cut up as I thought the would have. Maybe cause I limited the amount of wheel spin and controlled the decent and accent speeds??

After such a good drive it was a pleasure to get home and sit in front to the telly to see the Broncos beat the Knights in the footy.

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