Western Deserts Trip - Track Condition Report (July 2009)- Part Two (with a few photos)

Wednesday, Oct 07, 2009 at 01:00


Well I’ve returned to reality and the cold weather of the east coast after an interesting 8 weeks in the west. Thought I’d update you all with a few more track condition reports.

Telfor Mine Road/Wapet Track

Excellent condition right down to Kurnawarritji. 100 kph road if so inclined.

Back route to Christie Crossing from Woodie Woodie Mine (Via Mike Mine)

Good condition with the odd washaway to contend with. Some light sand inn the station stretches to the south as you approach Mt Hodgson. Not getting much use so it has remained in excellent condition.

Back entry to Rudall River from Christie Crossing (Via Bocrabee Hill, Hanging rock).

Hard to locate the start due to side ridges as you come out of the creek at Christies but once you spot the turn, the track is easily navigable. Some closed in areas and a bit of sand as you get towards Bocrabee but easy to follow and no challenges involved. Into and down the west side of Bocrabee is good. Only place I took a wrong turn was just short of the grassy plain. Take the track to the right, not the left. If you do find yourself on the track, you will arrive on the northern side of the grassy plain behind the belt of acacia. Follow the acacia till it thin s and then head SSE across the plain and you’ll pick up the track again.

Very stony into Tchuckardine Pool and then easy to follow the 7 km to Hanging Rock. Track is good all the way back to Tjarra Pool.

(This track is not one to take if you are worried about getting the odd scratch on the Pajero!).

Rudall River

Same Same. Main track north-south is its sandy self. Track to Tjarra easy to navigate. Track to Desert Queen Baths (DQB) still rough but no real issue. Just take your time.

Important to note that there is no water in the south, west or east of the park. Tchuk, Curran Curran and Tjarra Pool are all dry. Watrara has a scummy pool a couple of metres across. No.11 Pool is also dry. Klakan Kalkan and Coondecoon Pools in the east of the park are dry.


I was also told that the southern pump was inoperable as well but have not been able to confirm this. Does anyone k now if it is operating and the water drinkable?

Graphite Valley Track and the track east in reasonable condition but hard to locate in places south of Talbot soak (Where the track heads east towards Camel Rock.

Camel Rock to Cotton Creek. Good condition with the odd washout to be negotiated. 4x4 not needed.

Desert Queen has plenty of water although the pool near the gorge mouth is getting shallower and is down 30 cm over last year. Trees are making a come back providing a bit of shade in the camping area. Still looks like the face of mars across the valley though.

Talawana from Cotton Creek to Canning (Georgia Bore).

Heavily corrugated the entire length although not as bad as Canning Stretches. Canning stretch from Georgia down to the Talawana commencement (Including Capricorn Roadhouse) is a corrugated hell. An absolute shocker!!!!!!!

Talawana (Canning to Eagle cut line turnoff)

Good condition with light corrugations and a bit of loose sand around the Curara Soak area. Hardly 4x4 material but needed to watch as you wind around the dunes. Great trip. No water at Tank and windmill just south of Midway Well. Small pool in Midway well suitable for animals but not peoples (unless desperate & you boiled it).

Eagle Cut Line down to Treagar Hills and Warri Site

Great run. Two wheel track only at times. Some overgrown areas, not much spinifex to contend with and the odd washaway particularly around the gibber rises and stoney patches.


Bloody great run. Fantastic track. The Mungilli outstation has been taken over by a sandlewood operation so don’t plan to camp there. They have the bores running so will give you water if you wish it. Nice bunch of blokes, mainly islanders and Africans. Sheds at both Warri and Hussar No1 bore are good but no water.

David Carnegie Road (DCR)

Another great run south. A bit rough at the start but no real issues. Track is in great condition with a few good washaways to be negotiated. Minor corrugations in some areas. Very dry but plenty of Camels about. 70 km south from Empress spring to the Great Central Road is a bloody super highway. Smooth and recently graded.

Great Central to Warburton

Great. A few rough spots and the odd corrugation but good condition.

Connie Sue to Neale Junction

Good run with a few washouts and rocky patches. Some sandy stretches at the northern end. BAD corrugations for 40 km between the McKenzie breakaways and the Parallel Road No 2. Good after that.

Connie Sue Neal Junction to Rawlinna

Another great run on a wide track, no road is more apt. Hall roads you hit 40 km n orth of Leech Lakes are all good but the track south 30 km down from Leech Lakes that heads down to Rawlinna via the abandoned Premier Downs is rocky and slow going.

The best route south from Rawlinna is to head east to Haig and then take the Haig-Eyre Hwy track. Rocky again but no where near as bad as that last 100 km north of Rawlinna.

Anybody has any queries, MM me or at mickolsen13@hotmail.com

Cheers Mick
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