Border Track and Big Desert Wilderness Area in Victoria - Winter 2019

Friday, Nov 01, 2019 at 01:09


A video of my recent sojourn along elements of the Border Track. The video predominantly features the Chinamans and the Milmed Rock Tracks highlighting many of the points of interest along the way.

This area is totally under reported. It is truly amazing and for something so few hours drive from the major metropolis's of Melbourne and Adelaide, an area that eclipses some of our countries most iconic desert drives in the immensity of the dunes, the fluidity of the sands and its isolation and remoteness. Totally underrated in my opinion & definitly on my agenda to spend a lot more time exploring the area.

A few notes:

The track can be quite lumpy in places. The tracks in the wilderness area are well defined with deep, fine white sand. I was quite fortunate in that had rained several days before my visit compacting the sand but I imagine in the dry and hot weather, the sand would be much more fluid.

The dunes were quite high in a lot of places and unfortunately for me, the Rainbow Desert Rally had been held in the area the weekend before. Some Wally’s had decided to head back Murrayville way in 2 wheel drive vehicles and the had really cut-up the dune faces on the way through. Not so much an issue for me with my 35 inch tyres and low pressures but it had caused a lot of scalloping on the dune faces and that made it a bit rough. The approaches are often rutted, scolloped or have deep trenching in the soft sand. This occurs on both faces but is more pornouced on the eastern sides.

A most interesting feature of the drive were the little islands of red sand country in the midst of the dunes that you encountered now and then. They were often only a couple of square kilometres in area but the flora and landscape changes entirely to be more park like. It really encouraged you to drive off and explore any of the tracks through the area. Milmed Swamp is one such area.

The tracks are not particularly long but are best driven slowly and enjoyed. I parked quietly on top of the hill overlooking the Arnold Spring and the number of roos that simply idled past me on their way for a drink was astounding. Taking it easy will also allow you to spot a lot more wildlife including bustards and the odd Mallee Fowl if you’re lucky enough.

You’ll have no issues with most 4x4 vehicles providing you lower tyre pressures and carry a compressor with you. I really enjoyed my drive through the area and plan spending a week or so her in Autumn next year once the heat of summer is passed.

Safe travels


''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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