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One of the great things about travelling the wide brown land is marvelling at the diversity of the many ecosystems we pass through and of course, encounters with the often unique creatures that inhabit them. Australia has such a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems that you never know just what you may encounter.

For me the arid heart holds a certain fascination and one of the highlights of our trips is often the reptiles we encounter along the way. The rustle of grass or a fleeting glimpse of a speeding dragon is often all that signals their presence but on the rare occasion, we are lucky enough to snap a photograph or even shoot some video of one of the locals. Of course, some of our wriggling inhabitants are given a wide and respectful berth as we pass knowing that they are so venomous as to be able to kill 50 bull camels at a hundred metres with a single glance!

The variety is diverse, the encounters fleeting but rewarding. This blog hopes to link any Exploroz blogs or posts revealing encounters with our cold blooded friends while outback or not. In this way I hope that we can build an illustrated catalogue of some of the Australian reptiles we meet on our travels. It will also serve to provide easy reference to individual forum threads.

If you have a blog or post involving reptiles and amphibians and you would like to link it in, please contact me through the MM system or utilise the “Comments” function below with the relevant details and I will endeavour to link them.

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''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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