Giles-Mulga Park Road - Following the route of Alexander Forrest to Warburton WA.

Friday, Jun 27, 2008 at 00:00


Friday 27th June
Warburton WA

Today we finished our trip west through the Blackstone and Musgrave Ranges and on many occassions, found ourselves following the route of explorer Alexander Forrest. The scenery was spectacular as you’d imagine and we encountered both camels and dingo's in abundance. The poor exceptionally road conditions took their toll however and we found the remaining side of the trailer falling off. It was secured back on with cable ties, hose clamps and gaffer-tape. Is there no end to the uses for the good old “hundred mile an hour” tape?

On reaching Warburton, we headed straight for the roadhouse who very kindly got onto the local mechanic, John.John and his wife had decided to try something different and headed to Warburton after earning the big money in the mines down closer to Perth.John had taken over the engineers workshop in the shire yards and was kept pretty busy (ably assisted by his local technical advisor – Elvis).

He had a small MIG welder which he put to good effect on the sides of the trailer. Scott and I measured and cut some lengths of scrap angle iron to use as further reinforcing for the sides. She was a bit hit and miss at times, particularly with the thin, crap steal tubing on the sides. After a couple of hours though, she was all back together and looking fairly presentable. No more room for the Jerry cans but that was OK.

On dusk we were done and back at the Warburton Roadhouse where we booked a couple of sites in the camp area. The hot shower was most welcome. We celebrated Scott’s birthday with a cheese and biscuits and a thoroughly refreshing beverage.

''We knew from the experience of well-known travelers that the
trip would doubtless be attended with much hardship.''
Richard Maurice - 1903
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