Is it that time already?

Monday, Dec 28, 2009 at 06:16


Billy Connolly reckoned he wanted "Is it that time already?" on his headstone. I'm beginnining to feel that way myself.
I got through the working at the sugar crush to Nov 2009, just. Diagnosed with mild angina I went to Townsville Hospital on 30th Nov, and didn't get home till 19th Dec. It seems I had a 99% arterial blockage, so here I am recuperating after a heart bypass surgery. Ouch, it's sore.
So, once again, my trip has been delayed. Expected departure date will slip from Feb 2010 to March.
But the prospects are better, now I've had my own 100,000kms service.
On a more positive front, recent progress over Xmas with the aid of #1 son has been:
- Victron Energey Inverter is faulty, but I've found someone local to fix it.
- Brought home moulded windbreak from Townsville for roof rack
- replaced 3 deep cycle batteries, replaced 1 tyre.
- cleaned half the canvas
- replaced bearings on Camper Jockey wheel & car tyre carrier
(just because they don't rotate much is not a reason to trust bearings; if water gets in they eventually destroy themselves)
Lots more to do yet before I can move out, but it will happen.
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