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Friday, Feb 27, 2009 at 10:36


Thread 66059 "Roller drawers - Outback vs Black Widow" atracted a fair amount of interest and feedback, and I have posted my final decision there. However, it's looking a little buried so I'll repeat it here, and in a new Forum Thread (27/2/2009)

Well here it is: The Decision.
My considerations were:
cost, weight & ease of fit (in case I did it myself)

Other forum contributors's considerations included those three, plus
value (not the same as cost) (applies to me too)
ability to move to another vehicle (not for me)
looks (?)
manufacturer's support & service (yes)
accessories (hmmm)
safety (one comment against BW)

So, although, I like the idea of choosing the quality products available from Black Widow or Outback (not much to choose between them, it seems),
and fitting by TJM (expensive), financial sense and the weight of these systems has put me off, and I have decided to do some of the work myself (like a bed extension)
and I therefore chose . . . .

The 40Kg drawers from Best OffRoad
I have placed an order for drawers and fridge slide, and eagerly await the product.
Jim is also throwing a length of carpeting so my bed extension, and anything else I do, will match.
There, decision made.
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