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Our core services to the public are designed for Members-Only, so whilst you can freely use sections of the website and obtain useful and valuable content, we have reserved the best for those that purchase a subscription.
Created: July 2008
Revised: October 2018
Latest Feedback: March 2018

Cost & Options

To become a Member, you can choose from either Annual Membership or Lifetime Membership.
Personal Membership may not be used by businesses. If you are a business, please join as a Business Member - more information here.
To join as a Personal Member now, simply click the item below and finalise your payment through our online shop.

Membership Entitlements

Members receive all 7 of the following entitlements:

1. Discount off purchase of EOTopo maps, EOTrackMe software, EOzi software, and all ExplorOz Merchandise from our online shop
2. Free downloads (GPS data files from Places, ExplorOz Trek Notes, and User Treks)
3. Classified Display ads free
4. Exclusive Member site tools & content - see this online brochure,
Guide to Membership for specific details, as well as the Member's File Swap
5. Free tracking via EOTrackMe and via the ExplorOz Traveller App
6. Free exclusive Member sticker (with year of Membership) sent in mail upon joining/renewing
7. Access to Member Rewards offered by ExplorOz Business Members


Member will enjoy savings of up to 10% on all products, all the time from our online shop.

We also offer a Members' Reward Program offering good deals from our Business Members/Advertisers. Non-members cannot view the offers as you need a Member profile to unlock the content.

Plus, Members can upgrade their Display Classified ads to Premium by paying only $10 (normally $29.95). Premium Ads allow you upload additional photos to your ad (up to 7 images).


Members will see a download button alongside all Trek Notes, User Treks, & Places. Downloading these files provides you with GPS position data (Places) and Track Files (Treks) which you can transfer to your computer/tablet running navigation software or into a GPS/Navigator. Data formats available are: GPX, CSV, GeoRSS, Hema Navigator, and OziExplorer.


Members are entitled to created Display Ads in the Classifieds. These ads are priced at $19.95 for non-members so this is a genuine saving. The Classifieds is the ExplorOz community marketplace to promote & sell your car, 4WD, boat, trailer, caravan, camper, spare parts, tools and so on. Members can use this free offer as often as you like - saving $19.95 each time.


We produce a free annual Membership Sticker. Your Membership Sticker looks like the usual ExplorOz bumper sticker/round logo but has the words Member 2018-2019 together with it so that when you're out n' about you can be clearly identifiable to others as an ExplorOz Member. When you renew you will receive another sticker so you can either remove and replace your sticker each year or collect and stack your annual Membership stickers to show your ongoing loyalty.

For Lifetime Members you will receive a special "Lifetime Member" sticker. We will also send you a clear vinyl backed sticker with white or black printed lettering "" that can be placed on a vehicle window or side panel.


When posting to the site, Member's content is displayed differently and include features to help you highlight your shared content and classified ads (as applicable). A footer is included with links to view your Profile, view your Blog, view each of your Classified Ads, and for sending you a Member Message. It will also state that you are a Member (or Lifetime Member), plus it will state if you are Forum Moderator and your profile photo will be shown. This occurs for all posts you make on the site - whether that's in the Forum, Blogs, Recipes, Wildflowers, or as a Comment/Review on any Article, Shop item, or Road Alert section.

Members have access to create and publish Blogs. Each member has their own Blog space - each time you create a blog entry you date it, title it, and write words and add pictures. You can also embed maps of your journey into your Blogs (create them first as a User Trek by uploading your saved track files, or save your live tracking in EOTrackMe to create the User Treks). Blogs include numerous settings such as setting up password entry, comment lockout, and draft saving. Uploading photos is also simple and all you need to do is select your original hi-res photos and the system will automatically resize and store both a thumbnail size and full size.

Members have access to a Member-Messaging system which allows direct contact with other ExplorOz Members privately via online text message. To send a Member Message you simply click the Send Message link in the profile page of any Member (or use the link shown in the footer of their post).

Each Member has a Profile Page that auto-builds tags and links to the content you share on the site (eg. Blogs, User Treks, Places, Wildflowers, Recipes, and Tracking). There is a section called About Me for you to write a small bio about yourself and the vehicles you drive and van/camper you tow. Plus you can publish a photo gallery, with the first photo being tagged as your Profile Pic (shown with your site posts).

Members can also opt-in (via their account settings) to receive an email containing the text of any response to any Forum post they create. This avoids the need to stay on an open internet web-browser to read Forum responses that are relevant to a post that matters most to you. The same opt-in is offered for receiving Member Messages via email, rather than needing to be online to receive the alert that you've been contacted and to read it online.


The Members' File Swap area is designed to allow ExplorOz members to add files for the purpose of sharing with other Members. Only Members can access these files. Members simply add to the existing folder groups, or browse to find files of interest. Subjects checklists and planners, conversion and calculation tools, cooking and recipes, destinations, GPS, Power wiring and electrics, ropes & knots, safety and survival, site tips, star gazing, and vehicle info.

The Member Rewards Page is an area designed for Business Members to publish special deals and discounts to our Members. This page cannot be viewed by non-Members.


EOTrackMe is an online tracking application for travellers. As a Member, you may wish to register to the tracking service. If you have a SPOT satellite device, PC with GPS or Android device you can register this device to our EOTrackMe system and anywhere this device goes you can track it's movements. For iOS users you can cannot connect to the EOTrackMe system unless you have the ExplorOz Traveller app installed on your device - then you just enable Tracking Logging within the app (free to Members only).

Commonly used by ExplorOz Members for vehicle tracking, EOTrackMe allows family/friends to follow your journey on an online map. Real-time tracking is available through the Satellite connected SPOT devices or Wifi/mobile data sync of smartphones, iPads and tablets.

EOTrackMe supports multiple devices per member. Plus, there is the capability to view “group tracking” of all devices linked to your profile at once on your “EOTrackMe" tab. Security settings are included and live tracking can be cleared or saved for later use as User Treks (route map can be embedded into blogs).

Members also get the Track Logging feature automatically enabled when using the ExplorOz Traveller App and for iPad and iPhone users this is the only option to access the EOTrackMe service.

Membership is available on an annual basis or you can save yourself the hassle of ongoing renewals and subscribe once with Lifetime Membership.

ExplorOz Members are the respected back-bone of the ExplorOz community.

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