ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 108

2 June, 2006. In this issue: New Products and Packs, New Article - Generators, Places - New Search Option, ExplorOz Member Discount and Having trouble charging your battery - but not sure why?

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Dear ExplorOz Reader,

So here is Winter - and with it comes the best time for getting away to the Tropics, or Central Australia/Desert regions. For those of us still at home/work however, this newsletter should cheer you up!

Maps, Books - Custom selection of the best on the market specifically for self-drive travellers

There is quite a lot of activity happening in the Adventure Shop lately, so we’ll see how much we can cram in to this newsletter!

We have a range of new products/latest edition and new packs to save you money.

Plus, a reminder that we do put a lot of items online in the shop before we tell you about it in the newsletter, so don’t forget to click the latest/updated products button regularly.

New Products

Ghost Towns of the High Country
This budget priced softcover book from author Luke Steenhuis  features 'Ghost Towns' in and around Victoria's Alpine Region.

Ghost Towns of the Mountain Goldfields
Also by Steenhuis, this book features former towns in and around Melbourne's North-East Mountain Region.

Camping Atlas of New South Wales
Hema has followed on from their Camping Atlas of WA, to now release a camping atlas for NSW at a very reasonable price.

Birsdsville Track – The Outback Travellers Guide
The third in this popular series of outback strip-map guide books featuring the popular Birdsville Track. Affordable, practical and ideal for your next trip.

Blue Eflares
These ever-popular safety beacons are now available from ExplorOz with a blue light to suit different industry users.

New Packs

"Packs" are especially put together by the ExplorOz Team to offer you good value. Each is designed with the consumer in mind, with common map/book combos or other items that just make sense to purchase together. Look for the Packs category in Shop Finder (right hand margin) and check out our latest range of Packs below:

Latest Editions

All Hema State Maps are currently being revamped, with new pictures being printed on the covers.  Some of the latest editions we have are:

Other products with new editions:

Advertising Feature

Having trouble charging your battery - but not sure why?
It is more likely to be your battery charger! 

Redarc is the first all Australian company to develop a unique method of recharging the new type of construction in lead-acid batteries (Calcium-Calcium) used by many OEM's in today’s new vehicles.

The "Smart Battery Charger" (SBC) by REDARC, is the first calcium and regular lead antimony battery charger that can prove to the industry its ability to recharge today’s batteries to a full 100% charge.

Redarc’s “SBC” not only charges standard lead-acid and calcium batteries but also AGM and gel batteries.  Simply select what type of battery you intend to charge and Redarc’s intelligent microprocessor will do the rest.

The Redarc “SBC” will look for faults within the battery while charging, if it finds a fault it will automatically shutdown and indicate to you what type of fault has occurred.

For more details call Redarc on 08 8186 5633
Click to view Redarc on ExplorOz

New Article - Generators

This is the 3rd article in our Power & Electrics Topic, and covers everything you need to know about considering the use, and purchase of a Generator as your power source for a camping trip.

This article was prepared by our latest contributing author, and new member Mike Richter. Click to read new article - Generators.

Places - new search option

A recent improvement toPlaces is the addition of a new option for searching - Map Mode.

So, when you first open thePlaces Index, you can select a Point of Interest type (eg. Free Camps) from the list and request to view the results in either Text Mode, or Map Mode.

In Map Mode you will see a map of Australia pin-pointing all the Place types you've selected, making it a visual method for refining your search. You can click a Place directly off the map to launch the window containing all the information - remember its all fully interactive so you can edit text, upload photos, and enter visitor feedback/give a rating.

Simply activate whichever mode you prefer and this will become your default for subsequent searches (requires cookies).

We hope this feature makesPlaces just that bit more user-friendly but we're open to your input and suggestions.

Especially for ExplorOz Members

During the month of June 2006, Members are eligible for a whopping 50% discount off the regular price of all ExplorOz merchandise - which includes:

see all ExplorOz Merchandise for these great savings in June!
see Why should I consider becoming a Member? in our newFAQ page.

David and Michelle (and the kids) are currently preparing for a trip in July - and we've just geared up with solar panels to enable a long stay on a private coastal strip in northern WA.

But, we're not off yet - there's another full month to go so once again, from all of us in the ExplorOz Team thanks for your support - more to come in next fortnight's newsletter.

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