ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 111

4th August 2006. In this issue: New Products - Safety, GPS and Maps, New Packs, New Article - Portable Fridges, Updated Cockatoo - Dunbar Trek Note, Spell Checker and Road Reports.

Dear ExplorOz Reader,

As many of you are aware, the ExplorOz Team recently returned from a trip on the unique Ningaloo coastline - home to the most diverse marine life in Australia but also offering wonderful camping and holiday experiences. In our next few newsletters we'll be bringing you a broad range of information about this area, along with some trip stories, product trials and reviews. But for this fortnight, we've focused on other news with tons of new products just added to the Adventure Shop, loads of site updates and we welcome a range of new advertisers - expanding our service as the most reliable and comprehensive information in the 4WD/Caravan/Camping market of the Australian Travel industry.

Maps, Books - Custom selection of the best on the market specifically for self-drive travellers



New Products

Equip First Aid Kits

New range - all Australian designed and made. Choose from 3 small kits (Recreation Series) or 3 larger and more complex kits (Professional Series).

Prices range from $19.95 - $249.95.
Members accrue 5% Member Money.

Travel Mate

A bacteria spray that is safe and environmentally friendly. Handy for killing germs on public toilet seats, shower bases, etc.

Members accrue 5% Member Money.

Tropical North QLD - CD Map

This disk contains Hema'sTropical North paper map in formats ready for use with your GPS tracking software. (ie. OziExplorer software required for GPS interface).

Members accrue 5% Member Money.


Bluetooth GPS Receiver

The BT-338 SiRF III communicates with a Host Platform (PDA, Laptop etc) via Bluetooth Serial Port Profile with integrated antenna.


Wireless Bluetooth GPS

The HI-406BT is a GPS receiver in wireless Bluetooth interface with build-in active antenna.Uses Serial Port Profile (SPP).


Mouse GPS Receiver

The BU-353 has a magnetic mounting with 5 foot cable & is waterproof. High performance SiRF Star III GPS chipset; active patch antenna = high accuracy.


Solar Powered Bluetooth GPS

The Solar 7 F-Tech is the first solar poweredBluetooth GPS in the world!


Foldable GPS Receiver

The SD-502 is the next generation GPS with on-board memory that offers a combination of storage capacity and nagivation all-in-one feature


Foldable GPS Receiver with SD Slot

The HI-305III is similar to the HI303III but includes the SD memory slot sosimultaneous use via CF interface from host devices like, PDA, laptop PC, etc enable system integration and all kinds of wired GPS solutions.



The SD-502 is the next generation GPS with on-board memory that offers a combination of storage capacity and navigation all-in-one feature

New Packs

Latest Editions

Portable Fridges

Our Portable Fridge article has been completed revised - in fact it's been fully rewritten so if you're looking for the latest facts on the "which  fridge is best?" debate - look no further than the Article section on ExplorOz.

View new article -Fridges
Browse the full list ofArticles on ExplorOz (73 articles)

The Warraweena Conservation Park in the Flinders Ranges offers travellers a unique camping and 4WDing experience. ExplorOz has been given exclusive rights to publish the driving notes for the various 4WD treks that are on offer here and have recently received important updates to the Cockatoo - Dunbar Trek, along with receiving Trek Notes that will be published in the next fortnight for 2 new 4WD tracks that they have just opened.

Warraweena is also happy to be the site of an ExplorOz Member's Gathering next year - so keep on eye on these pages if you're planning to attend the Gathering, or for any private/club trip.

Updated Cockatoo - Dunbar Trek Note

Spell Checker

Yes folks, you asked for it so now you have it! After composing your text for a Forum reply or new post you'll see a new button that allows you to check spelling before your post is submitted.
See Post ID: 36182 for related discussion.

Road Reports

We are very pleased to confirm that we have been able to improve our Australia-wide road conditions reporting processes. We had been struggling for a while but we are once again on track and you should feel confident that we allocate significant resources to sourcing, collating and massaging all the official reports combined with reports from within our own network of advisors. Many thanks to Kerry Wynn - ExplorOz Team member, for taking on this additional workload.

The official reports are generally a simple statement of the road status: Open, Closed, Caution and we adjust the dates to show when the status last changed.

Additional to this level of reporting, the ExplorOz audience may also enter  further information if known - this appears as "interactive feedback" and you will need to click the text hyperlink to open that level of reporting to read/ enter an update.

We greatly value the input of every individual who makes an effort to contribute to these reports. We would also welcome new reporters (land mangers, national park rangers, transport workers/officials, shire councils etc) to approach us to take on an official reporting role, which can be arranged whereby you are assigned direct access to the live official reporting system.

See latestRoad Reports

New Advertisers

Media buyers have accepted that the Internet is now an integral part of the Australian media landscape, with a recognition that ExplorOz.com offers exceptionally high audience penetration in the niche Australian travel, 4WD, Caravan and Camping industry. We are very proud to welcome the following new clients:

Bob Jane T-Marts - Tyres

Evakool - Fridges/Iceboxes

Off the Beat n' Track - Camper Trailer Hire

Makin' Tracks - Luxury 4WD Tours

Camps Australiawide - Publisher

You'll also notice new artwork and an extensive number of pages now sponsored byNissan Pathfinder andNissan Patrol.

Interested advertisers, please review our Media Kit online or call to have one mailed to you.



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