ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 117

27th October, 2006. In this issue: New Audio Books, More Children’s Books, ExplorOz Website Improvements, Newsletter Special and Other ways to contribute.

Dear ExplorOz Reader,
Maps, Books - Custom selection of the best on the market specifically for self-drive travellers

There is quite a lot of activity happening in the Adventure Shop lately, so we’ll see how much we can cram in to this column of the newsletter!

We constantly have new items online in the shop before they're featured in the newsletter, so don’t forget to click the latest/updated products button regularly.

New Products

QPA Map – Western Australia Compact
This double sided map covers the whole of Western Australia and includes distance charts, attractions, a list of National Parks, Roadhouses and Tourist Bureaus.Only $6.95

QPA Map – Gascoyne Mid West
This double sided map covers from Perth to Monkey Mia on one side and Monkey Mia to Port Hedland on the other including areas in the centre of Western Australia.Only $6.95

New Audio Books

Aliki Says
If you liked "Looking for Alibrandi" you'll love "Aliki Says".
A captivating audio book that will appeal to teenage and adult listeners alike. Only $24.95

Alice to Nowhere
This audio book features an action-packed drama played out under the awesome influence of the vast emptiness of the Australian Outback.Only $29.95

More Children’s Books

Great Aussie Slang
Over 280 pages of great Aussie slang!!!
Geoff Hocking's outrageous cartoons add to the fun. This is Compulsory reading for all Australians. No bull!!!Only $9.95

Waltzing Matilda
This swagman's story, loosely based on fact, has become a precious part of our folklore. This beautifully presented edition is the ideal gift for overseas friends and visitors. Only $14.95

Caterpillars and Butterflies
This is an ideal book for younger children who are beginning to read on their own. With bright coloured pictures, this is great book for information on caterpillars. Only $9.95

It’s True! Frogs are Cannibals
Where do frogs and toads go in the daytime? Is the Boiling Frog Theory true? How do frogs climb up sheets of glass? Michael Tyler, Australia's 'Frogman', has all the answers.Only $11.95

Its True! Burke & Wills Forgot the Frying Pan
They struggled up mountains, trekked across the deserts, marched through mudflats. Some found rivers, some lost themselves, others lost their tempers. Could you have solved the Riddle of the Rivers like Sturt? Only $11.95

Its True! Dinosaurs Never Died
Dinosaurs are still making headlines, 65 million years after they all died out. (Or did they)? This is the best book on Dinosaurs you'll ever read! Only $11.95

Its True! A Bushfire Burned my Dunny Down
Lou lost the soles of his feet. Shannon lost his outdoor dunny. Lucky lost her ears. Read about people who were caught in the line of fire and discover what it's really like when disaster strikes. Only $11.95

The Magic Pudding
This story is about the adventures of those splendid fellows Bunyip Bluegum, Bill Barnacle and Sam Swanoff, the penguin bold, and of course their amazing, everlasting and very cantankeous Puddin'. Only $14.95

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
For many years, so many children have enjoyed The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie that it has become, undoubtedly, Australia's best-loved children's book. Only $14.95

Victoria: Off the Beaten Track
This book describes sixty of the state's top 4WD trails, from the coast to mountain bushland and the desert north-west to remote mountain hideaways. Includes tips on basic vehicle recovery, winching, tyre pressures, communications, bush navigation and camping. Only $34.95

ExplorOz Website Improvements

As you may know, ExplorOz works closely withMembers and uses their feedback to drive site enhancements. If you haven't been to the site over the last couple of days you might get quite a surprise when you next take a look...

You'll notice changes to the look and feel of the site that will enhance your enjoyment ofExplorOz, such as:

  • Fixed site resolution now 1024 pixels wide (and centred) enables us to use more screen space efficiently

  • New colour and heading layout in articles

  • More engaging artwork and animation

  • Improved site performance due to ASP.Net format (aspx)

  • Look and feel changes (colours, fonts, borders and backgrounds)

  • The content of many of the older and shorter articles are being revised and expanded

Here’s a list of completed article revisions that best illustrate the changes that we are working towards for the whole site - there are still literally hundreds of pages that yet need to be converted so take a look and let us know what you think: These changes simply aren't possible without the input we gain from our audience. If you have something to tell us about these changes, please feel welcome to send us yourfeedback.
Newsletter Special
20% Discount off Membership
To encourage you even further to contribute to the site, we are offering a super special of 20% off the joining price to become anExplorOz Member. This takes the price down to just $40 so if you have been sitting on the fence wanting to become a member but couldn't afford it then now is the time! But be quick as the discount is only valid for 7 days. Now with over 1300 active financial Members, ExplorOz is the one to join!Click here to read the list of Member benefits.
Other ways to contribute
Purchasing from our Shop, buying Trader ads, contributing information to the Interactive Road Conditions reports, updating Fuel Prices for locations you know, adding Trek Note feedback, uploading Plot files, uploading photos, text and waypoints into Places - these are all fantastic ways to get involved in supporting the ExplorOz community.
4WD Interior Accessories
Outback Roller Drawer Improvements

Grab Handle Slam Catches are now standard on all Outback Roller Drawers. These beautifully engineered lockable Reinforced Nylon Catches are a joy to use and are purpose designed by us to last a lifetime and stand up to the rigors of off-roading.

Four (4) Fold Down Anchor Points are also now standard and these provide a much better appearance and also allow the use of the fridge roller for other storage/cargo needs when the fridge is not installed.

Three (3) Retaining Pins are now supplied with each system to allow owners to hold either the drawer or fridge roller in the open position. This is a great improvement for when the vehicle is not on level ground or for when you need a more permanent set up at camp.

Click for4WD Interior Accessories

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