ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 121

22nd December, 2006. In this issue: New Features for classifieds Ads, New Articles - Vehicle Care and Taking Great Photos. New Trek Notes - Warraweena - Copper Track, Calvert Range to Eagle Hwy and Steep Point.

Dear ExplorOz Reader,
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Welcome to the last issue of the ExplorOz newsletter for 2006. It’s a busy week for most, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the news we bring in this edition. Read on for summaries and links to 2 new articles, plus 3 new trek notes that have just been published today on the ExplorOz website. As usual, we have new products just added to the Adventure Shop, so if you have time over the Xmas break, we’ve got plenty in store for you to browse through.

New Product

Eflare 520 - Red
Eflare LED Emergency Safety Beacons are an extremely effective warning light for 4 wheel drive, caravan and hiking enthusiasts. It can be seen over 1km at night and has a battery life of over 40 hours. Only $69.00

Latest Editions
South Australia Handy Map
Hema's State Handy Map clearly shows highways, minor and secondary roads, national and state routes, camping and rest areas, outback fuel locations, national parks, points of interest and a distance grid.Only $6.95

Caravan & Camping Guide - 2006 Edition
This colour coded guide contains listings of campsites around Australia in both private and national parks. It includes detailed maps, a town index and general camping information.Only $18.95

Camping Guide to Western Australia
This fully revised and updated guide lists over 390 campsites in 150 national parks, conservation areas and reserves. Includes dog friendly sites, rest areas and all information needed to ensure a happy camping holiday in WA.Only $19.95

The Australian Road Atlas 2007
This road atlas provides a comprehensive, detailed coverage of the entire country. It includes capital city and suburban maps with clear mapping throughout and is completely indexed with over 16,000 entries.Only $24.95

North East New South Wales
This map which includes extensive tourist information and photographs, covers the east coast from just south of Coffs Harbour, north to Brisbane and west to Inverell.Only $8.95

Discounted Editions

Caravan & Camping Guide - 2005 Edition
This edition has been marked down due the arrival of the latest edition. Be quick as there is only 1 left.Members Price $15.16 Non-Members Price $17.06

Australia Touring Atlas - Spiral Bound
This 6th edition has a complete selection of the essential maps needed to tour Australia. There are only 2 left so be quick!! Members Price $13.48 Non-Members Price $16.17

Australia Touring Atlas - Perfect Bound
Great for travel planning. This 6th edition has a complete selection of the essential maps needed to tour Australia. There is only 1 copy left so be very quick!! Members Price $10.95 Non-Members Price $13.17

New Features for Trader Ads

Hot off the server yesterday, we launched new features in theTrader. Sellers will find that we now offer 5 different options for setting up a Trader ad including a new Premium Ad that will also appear in our Run of Site Banner Cycle (top right hand corner of every page on the site).

For Sale - Premium Listing $14.95

(runs 6 months, unlimited characters, 7 images, banner cycle, priority ranking)

With no restriction on text, and a massive 7 images, you can really show off what you’re selling. Since online buyers need to feel confident they’re not being misled, you should show photos from different angles to maximise their understanding of what you have for sale. This is a much better deal than other high-profile auto websites that sell similar style ads for $59 dollars!

For Sale - Display Listing $9.95

(runs 4 months, 2000 characters, 1 image, priority ranking)

This is about half the price that you’ll pay on other high profile auto websites to run a basic display advertisement. We don’t even ask you to come back every 30 days to reactive your account to keep your ad running – simply list it and leave it to sell!

For Sale - Free Members or AdPack Display Listing

(runs 4 months, 2000 characters, 1 image, priority ranking)

If you are a Member you will need to be logged on to ensure that our system recognises if you qualify for the Free Members Displays Listing to appear in the list. For non-Members, or Members who have already used their 1 free Trader ad per year, this option will appear grey in the list and cannot be selected.

For Sale - Free Listing

(runs 2 months, 250 characters, no images, no priority ranking)

This is a very simple ad that will be shown at the end of the list as it has no priority ranking.

Wanted - Free Listing

(runs 2 months, 250 characters, no images)

Wanted ads normally only require a simple listing so this is an ideal way to let people know what you’re looking for, at no charge.

Uploading Photos for Trader Ads

The new Trader system offers a whole new system for you to upload your photos. There is no need to resize your photos - our system will accept your photos at any size and auto scale to fit our specifications taking all the hard work out of image manipulation for you. For more tips about preparing photos for selling items in our trader, we suggest you read ourTaking Great Photos article.

New Article

Vehicle Care

No matter where you are travelling, your vehicle may be subject to temperature extremes, excessive dust, dirt, mud and even salt water. To care for your vehicle is to take preventative and protective action against these extremes. In this article we discuss the range of products that claim to protect the vehicle's interior and exterior and we provide practical tips that should benefit all vehicle owners. Click here for the article

New Article

Taking Great Photos

This article covers the fundamentals of Taking Great Photos and provides handy tips on good photography techniques, especially for holidays. Australia has some spectacular scenery and to capture this with all its glory and true colours can be quite an art. In this article, you will learn about the importance of good lighting which is the essence of professional looking photos and pick up some practical tips for improving your photography skills – including options for image editting software and photo organising solutions. Click here for the article

New Trek Note
Warraweena - Copper Track

This track connects 3 historic copper mines, namely Sliding Rock Mine, Nuccaleena Mine, and Blinman Mine. During the 1870’s when all of these mines were started, this route was the main one that travellers could use. Click here for the trek note

New Trek Note
Calvert Range to Eagle Hwy

This trek covers a little travelled area of the Little Sandy Desert between the Calvert Range and the Eagle Hwy. In 1977 Dr. Peasley led a party seeking Warri and Yatungka, the last two nomads in this part of the desert, to bring them into Wiluna. This trek traces the general route taken by Peasley. Click here for the trek note

New Trek Note
Steep Point

This trek heads towards Steep Point - the most westerly point of the Australian mainland. The trek starts from Overlander Roadhouse to Steep Point via the main junction at the airstrip. After returning back down to this main junction, the trek then heads towards the second trek destination which is Crayfish Bay. Click here for the trek note

Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (ERPS)

Rust – the silent killer. Is your expensive 4WD protected against the harsh environmental conditions of Australia?

For ten years, Australian owned company Electronic Rust Prevention Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd (ERPS) has been manufacturing and distributing electronic rust prevention systems for many thousands of satisfied vehicle owners both nationally and internationally from the company’s factory on the Gold Coast. The Company continues to invest heavily in research and development. The system has been extensively used and tested in adverse environments by commercial fishermen, park rangers, surf clubs, councils, mining companies and tradesmen.

Click forElectronic Rust Prevention Systems (ERPS)

Christmas Closure
Although ExplorOz.com will remain operative through the Xmas and New Year period, the office of I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd will be closed for 10 days from 5pm (WDST) Friday 22nd December. We will reopen at 8.30am (WDST) on Tuesday 2nd January 2007. Customer Service will be unavailable during this time either by phone or email and any new orders placed through the online shop during that time will not be processed until 2nd January 2007.

The team at ExplorOz would like to thank all those who have; advertised with us, purchased from the Adventure Shop, become a Member, submitted trek notes, plot files, photos, feedback, and in fact everyone who has participated in the Forum and enjoyed reading our articles. It is your support that has helped the ExplorOz website grow and we could not do it without you.

From David, Michelle, Jackie, Damian, Nora, and Kerry - we wish you a safe and joyful festive season and a happy new year.

Note – the next issue of the ExplorOz newsletter will be distributed on 4th January 2007.

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