ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 124

1st February, 2007. In this issue: ExplorOz Site Stats, Full Article Rewrites: Snorkel, Bull Bars, Rails & Steps and Suspension Upgrade.

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Schools around the country may have resumed classes this week but the year is already flying ahead as we bring you our third newsletter edition for 2007 and move into February.

If you’re fortunate enough to travel outside school holidays now might be the ideal time to visit areas that have been busy over summer, or perhaps your next trip starts in Easter (just 9 weeks away). In either case, be sure your vehicle is setup safely and plan well in advance. In this newsletter we launch 3 articles on vehicle accessory products, and as usual our Shop has new books and maps designed to interest you.

New Products
Corryong-Omeo-Thredbo Adventure Map
This map, which covers an area from Dartmouth Dam to Mt Kosciuszko Summit, features road and track information, seasonal closures, fishing access, camping areas plus much more. Only $10.95

Snowy River-McKillops Bridge-Lakes Entrance Map
This forest and touring map covering the Snowy River and surrounds, is packed with information on walking tracks, camping areas, historic sites, forest track information and more. Only $10.95

Victoria Touring Map
This map of Victoria contains a complete town index, current road and park information, new parks and freeways plus more in an easy to read colour scheme. Only $10.95

Barmah-Shepparton-Deniliquin Adventure Map
This double sided map covers the Murray, Edward and Goulburn Rivers from Shepparton to Deniliquin and is ideal for anyone camping, 4WDriving or boating. Only $10.95

Mailman of the Birdsville Track
This is a remarkable story about a mailman named Tom Kruse who battled through searing heat, floods and mechanical breakdown on one of the best known and loneliest tracks in Australia – The Birdsville Track. Only $22.95

Elfare 510W - White
Eflare LED Emergency Safety Beacons can be seen over a kilometre away and are an extremely effective warning light for 4WD, caravan and hiking enthusiasts. Only $85.50

Pannikin & Pinta
Storm Boy author Colin Thiele returns to the magical world of the wild pelicans in this outstanding picture story book. Follow the story of a pelican family that sets out on a heroic journey. Only $27.95
Latest Editions

Busselton, Dunsborough & Yallingup
This double sided map covers the area throughout Busselton, Dunsborough & Yallingup. Features fully indexed road map plus locations of petrol stations and more! Only $7.85

ExplorOz Site Stats
January has seen a very strong start to the year with ExplorOz audience activity showing a strong increase. With the User Session count up by 15% from Dec, we have reported over 511,000 visits1 to ExplorOz for Jan.Click here for the statistics page

Full Article Rewrite


Harsh conditions such as driving deep through water crossings and on extremely dusty outback tracks will be detrimental to your engine without proper air filtration. Water, which has found its way through the air filter can stall a petrol engine and seriously damage a diesel. Find out the major reasons for installing a snorkel to a 4WD vehicle.Click here for the article

Full Article Rewrite

Bull Bars, Rails & Steps

A vehicle's bull bar, sides steps and rails are known as its "bar work" and provide critical strength and protection for your vehicle. A bullbar at the front of the vehicle can protect from headlight and radiator damage and should deflect an animal before it strikes the windscreen. This article talks about the issues surrounding bullbars and the different types that are available - including softer options. We also discuss side steps and rails and how they can also protect your vehicle from damage. Click here for the article

Full Article Rewrite

Suspension Upgrade

After purchasing a brand new 4WD, there is a good chance that it won't come fitted with a suspension system designed to carry the kind of load you'll pack for a serious outback trip. A good suspension system is made up of many components that work together, to assist in softening the undesirable effects of the surface, whilst providing the driver with the necessary road response for driving, steering and braking safely. In this article we explain the various suspension systems available and explain why it’s important to consider upgrading your vehicle suspension.Click here for the article


1. At ExplorOz, a user session (visit) is the presence of a user with a specific IP address who has not visited the site anytime within the past 30 minutes. A user who visits at noon and then again at 3:30 pm would count as two user visits. But a user who visits at noon and stays active on the site until 3.30pm would only count as one visit (provided there was no period of inactivity for more than 30 minutes).

Other measures are also reporting an increase, with Page Views across the site up by 22% to 7.3 million for the month of January. At ExplorOz, we report the actual raw data measured by the server, however due to our current conversion activity this number is artificially inflated. The estimated Page View figure is closer to 3 million unique pages for January, which is still a very significant number.

Although we also measure Hits, and it’s a huge number, this is not used to measure the volume of visitors to a website. The retrieval of any item, like a page or a graphic, from a Web server is counted as a Hit. For example, when a visitor calls up a Web page with four graphics, that's five hits, one for the page and four for the graphics. However, ExplorOz Hits are also up by 25% to over 38 million for January.

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