ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 13

15th August, 2001. In this issue: Travel Diary - Gunbarrel, Tanami, Kimberley & East Pilbara, New Trek Notes Coming Soon and What you can do to help ExplorOz.

Dear ExplorOz.com site user,

The ExplorOz team has just returned to the office after a very successful 51 day outback "field trip". We met loads of ExplorOz travellers out there and saw lots of ExplorOz stickers on your vehicles - thank you to all of you for your ongoing support. We also gave away stubby holders, mouse mats, caps, flyers and more stickers to those that came up and said hi - so there you go, you can still get something for free! We had a fantastic trip and want to share our experiences with you...

Travel Diary
Gunbarrel, Tanami, Kimberley & East Pilbara

As a result of our field trip, the ExplorOz team has put together a detailed and comprehensive travel diary for you to read. An absolute must for anyone planning a trip along the Gunbarrel and Tanami, and into the Kimberley and East Pilbara. What were the conditions like? What are some of the highlights? What was the average travelling speed? How did the ExplorOz vehicle perform? Where are the best spots to camp?

Like to know the answer? Check out the travel diary complete with some great photos!

New Treks
Coming soon...ExplorOz has 7 new trek notes in the works, covering the Gunbarrel Highway, Tanami Track, Old Karunjie Rd, Kalumburu Rd, Mitchell Plateau Rd, Broome's Northern Beaches (Barred Creek, Quondong, James Price Point & Point Coulomb). Plus a trek to some fabulously remote, and little known gorges in the East Pilbara that we found on our way back home to Perth.
ExplorOz Future
What's in the pipeline?One thing is for sure, ExplorOz is about to enter probably the most significant cycle of its existence with our application for a federal tourism grant. With overwhelming support from the various state-by-state government bodies in Transport, CALM, National Parks etc and on recommendation by University of WA School of Tourism and Environment, we'll be aiming to win funding for the ongoing operations of Australia's only dedicated travel website. This grant will be of enormous benefit to all that travel/camp because no where else does there exist a single source of the sorts of relevant, up-to-date and important information for travelling Australia as we have on ExplorOz. We have a long way to go yet, and there is plenty of refining to do but the cost of these activities is enormous.

What can you do to help ExplorOz?
Please give us your support - we currently don't cover our costs but are determined not to "pull the plug" on the site. You can do a lot to help us along the way - 
* referring new members; 
* making your map, book and permit purchases through us; 
* and referring businesses to advertise in our Business Search Engine; plus referring us to those that you know require a website.

Change of details?
We now have well over 1000 (1 thousand) names in our mailing list so if you need to change your email address for receiving this newsletter please use the online system. Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and on the left menu, delete your old email address, then add your new email address.  

Regards from the ExplorOz Team
Michelle Jacka, David Martin, Linda Flynn... and baby Leah!
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