ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 132

24th May, 2007. In this issue: New Article - Compact Caravans, Updated Trek Note - Holland Track, 7 New Featured Products, 40% off Membership for David's 40th and a new-look Forum.

Dear ExplorOz Reader,
Welcome to another edition of the ExplorOz newsletter. In thisissue, we feature:
  • New Article - Compact Caravans
  • Updated Trek Note - Holland Track
  • 7 New Featured Products
  • 40% off Membership for David's 40th
  • New-look Forum
New Products

Prospecting for Gold
If you wish to try your luck at finding gold when you next venture out in the bush, this guide will provide you with the methods of gold prospecting.Only $16.95

Snakes, Lizards, Crocs and Turtles of Australia
This fun, informative and colour book introduces all of Australia's different types of lizards and snakes as well as turtles and crocodiles. Only $19.95

Snappers, Stingers and Stabbers of Australia
This book covers a wide range of creatures that bite, sting or stab such as bees, ants, spiders, snakes, sharks and much more. Only $19.95

Hunters and Trackers of the Australian Desert
Australian Aborigines are legendary hunters and trackers. This book discusses the art of tracking in some detail and shows the qualities needed. Only $29.95

The Great Australian Loneliness
This book portrays the remarkable journey of Ernestine Hill. 100,000 miles across the Australian bush, from the Kimberley to Oodnadatta - a women alone. Only $17.95
Elflare 510 - Red
Eflare LED Emergency Safety Beacons are an extremely effective warning light for 4WD, caravan and hiking enthusiasts. Only $80.00

GM-210P GPS Mouse with PS2 Connector
Holux's tougher GPS mouse has slightly better sensitivity, extra data formats and a 30% thicker cable than the previous model. Only $105.63

Latest Editions
Take a look at the latest editions that have arrived from Hema, Quality Publishing Australia and WA CALM.

With so many retailers now adding credit card surcharges to your purchases you'll be pleased to know that when making any credit transaction with us, you'll only pay the price listed - no surcharge!

24th May 2007

Compact Caravans

The small caravan market is intended for those wanting a caravan that’s light, has a short towing length and can be towed by soft-road vehicles and even 2WD sedans. This article talks about the types of caravans that can be considered as ‘compact’ and lists some of their features that make it unique.
Click here for the article.

Updated Trek Note

Holland Track

As mentioned inEdition #128 you may recall that David, Michelle and family would travel the Holland Track from Broomehill to Coolgardie over the Easter period. The trip involved a complete field check of the existing trek note, with new recording of all odometer marks, waypoints taken for every turn and junction, and photos taken of each junction plus all points of interest. Numerous new waypoints were located and have been published (such as Sandplain Rocks), and the new plot file has been published. The trek note now contains reverse driving directions, corresponding waypoint links to Places for each line of the driving notes where you can view photos and read more detailed information about that place. This trek note also includes driving notes for a side trip to Wave Rock and Hyden.
Click here for the trek note.

Membership Special

Join with us to celebrate David's 40th birthday - for the next 7 days only David is generously offering a huge 40% off the cost of Membership. Hurry - this only applies for the first 40 subscriptions (new or renewing) ordered this week. Catch him while he's in a good mood - join up through the ExplorOz Shop.

New ExplorOz Features
Have you noticed the forum?

Checking up on the latest member events, fuel prices, weather and road conditions has never been easier and is now all there at your fingertips.

The forum also has date and time stamps that are now based on your current time and a better forum search functionality that is more accurate.

Team Green Autogas – Diesel / LPG Conversions
Are you looking for more power from your diesel engine or simply looking to save money at the bowser – LPG could be your answer. An alternative fuel delivery system is installed, monitoring engine sensors & enabling us to run LPG over the top of the diesel to enhance the diesel burn. By burning a portion of diesel fuel which wasn’t being burnt before, it enables us to harness the energy of that portion, giving us more power from the same amount of diesel. Because we achieve more energy from the same amount of fuel, less fuel is needed to travel the same distance. More power = Better economy.

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