ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 135

5th July, 2007. In this issue: Access, Restrictions & Permits, Canning Stock Route Update, Latest News and Sports Feature, New Team Member and Stamp Duty Abolished for Caravans & Camper Trailers in WA.

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     - Access, Restrictions & Permits
     - Permits for States & Territories
  • 3 New Featured Products
  • Updated Trek - Canning Stock Route
  • Latest News and Sports Feature
  • New ExplorOz Team Member
  • Stamp Duty Abolished for Caravans and Camper Trailers
New Products

Great Pioneer Women of the Outback
This book profiles ten female pioneers, from Jeannie Gunn, Emma Withnell and Evelyn Maunsell.
Only $29.95

The Bush and the Never Never
A rare blend of amusing anecdotes and carefully researched history, this book will both inform and delight all those interested in Australia's great rural past. Only $25.95
Cape York Peninsula
Historian Lennie Wallace affectionately tells the story of the early mariners, explorers and many more unlauded heroes and heroines of Queensland's far north. Only $28.95
Latest Editions
WestPrint Heritage Maps have recently updated editions of the following maps:

News & Sport Comes to ExplorOz
Just launched this week, ExplorOz now publishes the very latest National News and Sports Headlines giving you even more reason to set ExplorOz to be your home page!

The feeds come in live throughout the day and you don’t even have to leave ExplorOz to stay in touch with the latest news. Just hover over a headline and read the news snippet in the box above. You can find the News & Sports Headlines on the Home Page, and in the Forum.

New ExplorOz Team Member
Just a quick hello - my name is Michael and I’ve recently started with I. T. Beyond in the role of Retail Manager, which means I am replacing Jackie in handling all shop, trader, membership and pointplace transactions through ExplorOz. Hopefully you’ll see some changes to some of these areas over time and I’m keen to hear your feedback if you have any suggestions you’d like me to take on board.
Email: michael@exploroz.com

5th July 2007

Access, Restrictions & Permits

If any decent road map of outback Australia is examined, numerous tracks will be marked as “Permit Required”. Other tracks are  marked as
“Private Road” or “Aboriginal Business Road” and even “Restricted Access”. Yet others are marked “For Use in Emergencies Only”, or “Wet Weather Access Only”. John Greig discusses what this all means and the ramifications that it can pose for outback travellers.
Click here for the article.


Permits for States & Territories

We have just revamped our Permits page by creating a whole topic area with separate pages for each state/territory. The information was adapted from a document by John Greig and the Toyota Land Cruiser Club Of Australia (Sydney). Information will be consistently updated and can be used as a guide to assist you in gaining the right permits.

Updated Trek Note

Canning Stock Route

As you may or may not by now know, sites along the Canning Stock Route are going through a major audit. This is a 3 year project however in the
meantime, there are numerous locations where access is restricted such as theCalvert Range. These areas hold sentimental significance to our indigenous Australians and to preserve this, a permit system has been introduced. There are still some issues that need resolutions, so we will keep you up to date when they come to light. The Canning Stock Route is one of the most popular treks read by ExplorOz audiences and due to therestrictions now in place; our trek note has been modified accordingly. Click here for the trek note.

Stamp Duty Abolished for Campers
From 1st July 2007, the state government of Western Australia has abolished stamp duty for caravans and camper trailers. This now brings Western Australia’s taxation treatment of caravans andcamper trailers into line with that in a number of other states so there’s never been better incentive to buy a camper trailer or caravan with the potential for thousands of dollars of savings to be made.

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