ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 14

29th August, 2001. In this issue: Travel Diary, New Trek Note - Yengo National Park, ExplorOz Memberships, Shop Feature and Trek Changes.

Dear ExplorOz.com site user,

Part 2 of the Travel Diary is up and for anyone considering a trip to the Bungles, Kununurra, Kimberley or East Pilbara, Michelle & David's travel diary is excellent with some fantastic information and great photos. We have a new trek up this week, changes in the works to all trek notes and more...

Travel Diary
East Kimberley, Northern Kimberley, Broome Region & East Pilbara

All you'll ever need to know and great reading on the Kimberley and East Pilbara - plus the Gunbarrel and Tanami. Michelle and David have toured these areas and have written up their travels in great detail for you, the ExplorOz readers. Great camp spots, fantastic scenery, road conditions and camp and vehicle setups - the trials and tribulations. Forget Russell Coight and the Crocodile Hunter. Read on...!

New Treks
Yengo National ParkJust 100kms from Sydney, Yengo National Park is a popular destination for city dwellers as the majority of the park is restricted to 4WD access. Take a weekend or day off and engage your hubs for some 4WDing practice.
ExplorOz Memberships
Am I a member?"If I'm on the email newsletter list, am I a member?" Being part of the Newsletter email list is free BUT does not make you a member. If you're a member, you'll have received our ExplorOz Membership card and be entitled to some great benefits. Membership can be purchased through the Adventure Shop for $30, or spend over $60 in the Shop and join free*.
Shop Feature
One for the fisher people!Ever wondered where to go fishing, what you're likely to catch, what's the best bait, fishing preparation tips and a fish identification section. Like to know more? Discover Australia Fishing - with a foreword by Rex Hunt and edited by Steve Sparling - is an excellent comprehensive guide for fishing in Australia. 10% discount and free freight*, only $35.95 (RRP $39.95) while stocks last.
Trek Changes
What's in the pipeline?You'll notice in the next couple of weeks, that we're revamping the treks to include book and map resources - what you can purchase to supplement each trek note. We're also about to add a User's Feedback facility so you can email us updates/changes to our treks due to track/road closures, redevelopments, price changes. ExplorOz is in the process of formalising this to make it easier for you, the readers, to help keep the ExplorOz treks as up-to-date as possible.

Change of details?
We now have well over 1,500 names in our mailing list so if you need to change your email address for receiving this newsletter please use the online system. Simply go to www.ExplorOz.com and on the left menu, delete your old email address, then add your new email address.  

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