ExplorOz Newsletter - Issue 145

22nd November 2007. In this issue: ExplorOz Mega Draw Weekly Winners, Normanton to Coen via Kowanyama Trek Note, the most recently converted Trek Notes and the latest Trek Note formatting updates.
Dear ExplorOz Reader,

22nd November 2007

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ExplorOz Mega Draw
Weekly Winners
Our Week 3 winner was nini (awaiting confirmation) who receives a 5 Disc-set featuring classic 4WD destinations valued at $149.75

In Week 4, we had two great prizes to give away from Redarc Electronics.The Smart Battery Charger valued at $330 went to Member - Doug T (FNQ) and Member - MR 1927 won the SmartStart Dual Battery Isolator valued at $165.

Thanks to all who are participating in this competition - its been fascinating to see the wide range and high quality photographs that have been upload to Places in particular. Keep it coming :-)

Get 20 Tickets for Plot Files
Yes - this is a new offer, previously not promoted. If you uploaded a plot file, we'll reward you with a bonus 20 tickets! How good is that? What better incentive to search through your hard drive and upload those plot files to increase your chances to win some excellent prizes. Upload Plot File


Normanton to Coen via Kowanyama

This diverse trek sets a challenging course through the Gulf Savannah region to the Great Dividing Range behind Queensland's coast.
Many travellers are unaware of the golden savannah grasslands and the monsoonal wetlands in this rather barren region of Australia. There are a variety of native animals and a diverse portrait of birds including herons, jabirus, brolgas, sarus crane and many other waterbird species that migrate here - especially after the rains. Click for Normanton to Coen via Kowanyama.
Latest Trek Notes
Below is a list of the latest trek notes that have been converted to the new format. We will be constantly updating and adding new trek notes - so keep your eyes on the latest updates. The new format allows a vast amount of new content, photos and information never before presented on ExplorOz to be cleverly featured in an enjoyable and interactive online experience.
New Trek Note Format
Reverse Button
Pressing the new reverse button will simply reverse the interactive map slideshow and recalculate the driving notes in the order to suit your preference.
Trek Note Print Option
If you would like to print out the trek note in a friendly printable format, just click the print icon.

Integrated Weather
This component provides a three colour display to quickly show you the best time to travel in the region. This guide is based on the temperature and rainfall data of the nearest weather station to the middle of trek.

Simple Driving Notes
Far simpler than our previous format, this table gives you simplified point to point driving directions. The data is real - derived straight from the plot file and calculates in-between and total distances; times based on speed averages and straight line directions.

Fuel Usage
The Usage data given in the new trek note format is averaged from the total entries of the TrekFuel database, unless it shows the * symbol which means it’s data that has been submitted specifically for nominated trek.
Places Integration with Trek Notes
If you wish to create a new place or update an existing place, please take a moment to carefully consider which is the most appropriate attribute to describe your point as this impacts how our system automatically links Places into the Trek Notes. The following attributes will link a Place into a Trek Note as follows:
By selecting Fuel as your main Place attribute will add it to the Fuel Supplies & Usage section of any Trek Note we publish that passes through this point.

Free Camp, Caravan Park, Designated Pay Camp and Resort/Motel attributes are added to the Camp Sites & Accommodation section of any Trek Note we publish that passes through the area.
By selecting the Point of Interest attribute, your Place will be listed in the Things to See & Do section of relevant Trek Notes
The Food/Shopping attribute will eventually be included to the Services & Supplies section of relevant Treks

If for some reason you cannot select the place type or attribute, don’t hesitate to press the big Alert Places Admin button and let us know!

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